How to stream Netflix movies and series to game consoles?

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can do more than just play games. We will explain how to stream your favorite shows or movies on the system of your choice.

Entertainment lovers love video streaming services because they are convenient. Streaming services allow you to watch movies and shows on demand. Last but not least, they allow you to watch these movies and series anywhere. In fact, it’s easy to overlook all the options we have, such as the fact that these services are available for a ridiculous number of platforms, including game consoles.

The average Netflix client will likely watch Castlevania through a web browser, a media streaming device like the Amazon Fire Sitck, or an app built right into the TV. Most of the time this works well. However, if you really want to get the most out of your (increasingly expensive) subscription services, you need to know all your options for watching streaming content. Also, with Netflix video game adaptations like the animated series Castlevania or Cuphead, it’s only fair to watch those programs on game consoles.

prefix 5

  • Sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  • Go to Media > Music & Video to find the Netflix app.
  • Download the Netflix app on PlayStation 5.
  • Launch the app from the Media section.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Enjoy your favorite programs!
  • Optional: Press the round button, open Settings via the gear icon, and log out when you’re done.

On Playstation 5 you can have subtitles in Netflix, HDR and HD resolution if your internet connection allows it. The PlayStation app allows you to use other services such as an Android or IOS phone as a second screen.

Xbox Series X/S

  • Sign in to Xbox Live.
  • Launch the Store and find Netflix under Apps.
  • Download Netflix on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.
  • Sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Enjoy your favorite programs!
  • Optional: Go to Settings on the Netflix home screen and log out to end your session.

Subtitles on Netflix are available on Xbox Series X/S, as well as Dolby Vision, HDR, Ultra HD resolution with a high quality connection. You can also change profiles between children and adults.

What else can you stream on PlayStation 5 and Xbox?

Eleven streaming services offer apps for PlayStation and Xbox. This includes older generation hardware as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox. These services are Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, CuriosityStream, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Plex, Tubi, and YouTube TV. This covers everything from live TV to mainstream channels to anime. If you are already a paid subscriber, all you have to do is download the app, log in and start watching your favorite program as soon as you finish playing!

Smaller, more specialized subscription services usually don’t have the resources to launch and support PlayStation and Xbox apps, but more often than not, you can find smaller premium services.

What about streaming on Nintendo Switch?

Despite its huge popularity, the Nintendo Switch does not support video streaming. It’s especially strange considering that despite the failure of the Wii U, it had every streaming service one could hope for.

However, you can still enjoy several streaming services on the console, and more services are gradually being added to the platform. On Nintendo Switch, you can watch Crunchyroll, Fumination, Hulu, YouTube (but not YouTube TV), and Pokémon TV.

Source – Translation: PCMag

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