Here’s the sad reality for a woman playing video games in 2022.

March 22, 2022. 108 years since the creation of International Women’s Day. This day has even existed since 1909 (formerly in February) to uphold the rights of women and fight for them to finally be equal to men. In a hundred years, the mentality has begun to change, but there is still so much to be done.

In games, this remains particularly difficult, and unacceptable behavior continues to exist. Whether on social media, online gaming, or on Twitch during the LIFETIME of streamers, players are being harassed, stigmatized, abused, harassed and more. Not to mention the merit that is taken away from its players, where some feel free to attribute their success solely to the fact that they are women, forgetting all the hard work and talent behind that success.

For many, bullying, injustice, criticism (mostly in social networks), but especially in relation to female gamers, are urban legends. However, this does not actually exist, and 77% of players have already been victims of bullying. That is why, on the occasion of March 8, 2022, a social experiment was carried out with the help of Joakim, aka Jkaem, one of the best Counter Strike: Global Offensive players. The idea of ​​this experiment was to force a professional player to play under a female pseudonym. We allow you to endure the outcome.

The sad (and scary) reality of female gamers

We owe this experience to the media-cultural puppy. Joakim, aka Jkaem, a professional Counter Strike player, was one of those who thought that a professional player in the gaming world is not that different from professional players. Julie, aka Julistar, a professional Call of Duty player, will make him face reality.

The experience is very simple, Joakim uses Julie’s Steam account to play the game and has a female ID. Thanks to the voice modulator, Joakim’s voice is transformed, becoming more feminine. From the first seconds of the game, other players are surprised to see that a girl enters the game, and reactions already begin, even before the game starts: “you have a charming voice” – “girls can’t play”. This is just an introduction.

The game starts and the level will only fall apart, suggesting that Joakim use “her boobs” as body armor, or constantly telling him that girls “can’t play”. Then we go up a notch, with obscene reflections. Over the games, the insults will become more and more numerous and cruel. Then threats of rape. This is just one example of a sad reality.

Today, about 59% of female gamers use masculine or neutral nicknames to avoid harassment. More and more movements are trying to move forward and change the mentality. Over the next few weeks, association #NSTG (We Are All Gamers) will launch a major #WePlayAsOne movement to combat all forms of cyberbullying and online discrimination. Feel free to follow the association so you don’t miss the next news.