Here are the PlayStation Talents + Gammera Nest games featured at Steam Next Fest!

Sony Interactive Entertainment España and Gammera Nest Present Games PlayStation Talents which will be presented within Steam NextFest which starts today and will run until June 20. This selection of games covers a wide range of genres, from classic point-and-click adventures to side-scrolling games.

Many parts of Mr. Ku

The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo is a surreal point-and-click graphic adventure. Mr. Ku is stuck in a strange and mysterious world and he needs your help to get out of it. But first of all, he will have to find all his parts and become whole again! There may be philosophical conflicts behind all this nonsense, but with all these chaotic monsters, crazy robots, and one-legged ladies, it’s hard to tell.

The Many Pieces Mr. Featuring a stunning and colorful 2D cartoon entirely hand-drawn and a surreal and quirky story full of absurd humor, wacky characters, wacky situations and innovative puzzles, Coo is a new take on the graphic adventure genre that brings veterans and newcomers together. And don’t miss the breathtaking soundtrack by composer Julie Reyer.

crown wu

Something changed in Wu’s mind as he took control of the ore network. The former herald of the Emperor lost his mind and let his lust for power take over. Mixing the power of his crown with a network of ores, Wu wreaked havoc and pain…until his days of madness were over. Sentenced to life in an ice prison, Wu wakes up from a long sleep to find that someone has taken his crown… and is wreaking havoc again.

Now Wu has a chance to redeem himself and save everything he loved so passionately. And he will be in this third-person adventure filled with action, combat, parkour and puzzles. In a world where powerful robots are attacking the local population, Wu will have to regain his former strength in order to confront the most dangerous villains that threaten the existence of his world.

Aurora’s Journey and the Pathetic Footman

Outside in 1927. Aurora Aylesworth is a young astronomer who lives with Lucky, a member of a race of robotic alien beings known as Robotos who arrived on Earth 19 years ago. But everything changes when one day Aurora receives a mysterious note containing information about her father, who disappeared four years ago while exploring Eureka, the Robotos spaceship. With the help of the Footman, Aurora will embark on a journey following the clues left by her father on an ancient journey.

Players will travel with Aurora through different regions and collect clues to find the trail of William, her father. Brainless will try to stop Aurora, but she will be able to do so thanks to Copernicus, a revolver made to order from parts of an old telescope by Rachmaninoff, a sweet old scientist who will also help her on her journey. And since traveling is not free, Aurora will have to work to earn some money in one of two mini-games that represent her side job.

Babylon Library

Inspired by the short story of the same name by Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel invites you into the world 20,000 years after the extinction of mankind. Now the world is ruled by evolved robots who know very little about their mythical creators. All is well in a society ruled by robots until a library containing everything that was, is, and will ever be written is discovered – the perfect harbinger of chaos.

Play as Ludovic in this 2D stealth platformer that explores the jungles of futuristic Babylon to uncover the mystery behind the sudden closure of the Library of Babel and the mystery of its mythical creators.

silent swan

The Silent Swan is an open-world first-person narrative game set in a monolithic decrepit world. Combining the genres of walking simulator and open world, the game brings a sense of openness to urban areas on this scale for the first time. The story follows the World’s Kavrazyma as he enters the ground beyond the walls in pursuit of Selena, his wife and only witness to the fall, who has vanished without a trace, save for a series of four-winged paper swans. These swans contain notes left by her with the express intention of finding Mirov.

Throughout the game, Worlds will gradually move closer to the bed of disaster that has befallen his home, also known as The Fall, and closer to the truth he is determined to unearth, while a strange unease warns him that he had better turn around. “Quiet Swan” is the story of two cities: Urzhum and Sernur; two conflicts: past and future; and two people: Selena and Mirov.