Helena Herrero (HP) says the future of work will be hybrid and believes that technology will facilitate this transition.

PARIS, 12 May (Benin News / EP) –

HP’s President of Southern Europe Helena Herrero said that ” the future of work will be hybrid and accessible to all “, emphasizing the “important” role that technology will play in facilitating this transition. “The actions that business leaders are taking now will determine in the coming months and years whether their employees are progressing in tomorrow’s work,” he said.

Almost 60% of corporate employees worldwide still work part-time or part-time. In this context, many companies need to arm and train their employees “so that they can work, be productive and create space for creativity”, adds Ms. Herrero, emphasizing the importance of continuing to support teamwork in organizations.

Indeed, other studies, such as the one recently presented by Capgemini, show that almost half of employees in Spain (48%) say they feel detached from their organization and their colleagues.pointing out the reason for remote and hybrid operation.

“This tells us that in order to remain competitive and create a sustainable workforce in today’s marketplace, it is necessary. create inclusive interactionwhich is reflected in all hybrid work tools, processes and decisions of the organization. This is the only way to ensure that all employees are heard, connected and ready to succeed, ”the board’s letter added.


Technological needs have evolved, and research and development departments are already thinking about developing products and solutions that will help overcome the technological challenges of hybrid work. In this regard, HP introduced its new product HP Presence Video Conferencing Solutions a portfolio of collaboration and conference systems that get everyone in the room, ensuring they can be heard throughout automatic volume control..

The company found that “too often” during hybrid meetings, people who connect to the Internet may be overshadowed by people in one room of the office“. “By adjusting the volume of remote participants, their contribution to the discussion can be heard, which encourages more people to participate. These are the types of problems – and the most complex solutions – we need to consider as our hybrid methods continue to evolve, ”adds Herrero.

HP is committed to “supporting collaboration and communication” by increasing employee creativity by finding that nearly two-thirds of employees see collaborating with colleagues as a virtual barrier to remote work.

“If necessary, we must be ready for this rethink organizational structures and teams, and make the most of new technologies and cloud applications that can bring new levels of maneuverability and real-time communication for hybrid work. For example, having someone responsible for helping to conduct online meetings, pay attention to comments in chats and invite people who have raised their hands can significantly help create a more inclusive environment, the president said. HP for the Southern Europe region.