Gravity Game Arise announces five games during Guerrilla Collective

Tokyo, Japan – June 15, 2022 – It was during the partisan collective held this weekend that Gravity game announced a publishing partnership with five talented independent developers. Bullet-hell and Tactical-RPG Grid Force – Goddess MaskTactical-RPG Live by the sword: tacticsRPG in pixel art Alterium Shift3D co-op platformer River Tails: Stronger Together and adventure 3D puzzle NecroBoy: Path to Evil all spoke at the conference. For those who missed the presentations, here is a summary for each title:

Grid Force – Goddess Mask

Grid Force – Goddess Mask is a mix between Bullet-Hell and Tactical-RPG signed Dream navtes, will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC next August. The launch date for Grid Force was announced on June 8 during the Black Voices in Gaming event. The game combines exciting and tactically rich real-time combat, a deep story that evolves based on your choices, and a diverse catalog of heroines who enrich the game both with their unique combat skills and their fascinating past.

Live by the sword: tactics is a tactical RPG embellished with modern mechanics to set it apart from others. You don’t need to grind to fully enjoy the game, because your characters have the same power from start to finish. It’s you, the player, who is progressing, and as you improve, you become capable of fighting more and more difficult fights.

“We would like to announce today our partnership with Gravity gameindependent video game publisher, said Matthew Hamilton, founder Labrador Studios. Labrador Studios very happy to cooperate with Gravity game to ensure that Live by the Sword: Tactics is available to as many players as possible. This is a multi-year partnership with the goal of creating original RPGs you won’t find anywhere else. »

Alterium Shift

Alterium Shift is an indie game inspired by retro JRPGs created by Dratzi games. Choose one of three apprentice heroes to prevent a catastrophic conflict between the two worlds. Learn about the intertwined fates of heroes trying to save Alteria from the dark elves. Get ready to change your mind about the true meaning of this trip.

Alterium Shift has grown from a small project for hobbyists into a full-fledged game with many great features,” said Motzi, co-founder Dratzi. We are very happy to work with Gravity game create a truly unique retro RPG that evokes 90s nostalgia.”

Alterium Shift focused all our passion for retro JRPGs on a project we dreamed of doing on our own,” said DrazzRay, co-founder Dratzi. Through our partnership with Gravity game, we can make that dream come true and turn those passions into a game that will delight players for years to come. »

River Tails: Stronger Together

River Tails: Stronger Together is a colorful 3D co-op platform game for 2 players. Companions must work together to defeat bosses at the end of the level and solve natural puzzles.

Play as the curious and dynamic purple kitten Furple or the independent and temperamental fish Finn. You will go with these two unlikely allies as they travel upriver to a snow-covered mountain where the Fourpley family is in mortal danger. Can you save them in time?

Choose a reliable partner and get ready for an epic journey through nature in all its glory. Kid Look Studioan independent game development studio based in the UK and Italy, responsible for creating River Tails: Stronger Together. This immersive 3D platform adventure game has been designed for two-player co-op play and is planned for all major platforms.

“Imagine a great trip with one of your best friends… Is that good? Good ! Now replace the road with a raging river, your friend with a grumpy fish, and you with a cute purple cat, explains Francesco, co-founder Baby Bow. Get ready for a two-player adventure in which you must cooperate and anticipate your moves in order to succeed. »

“We are committed to providing players with a cooperative game where they can have fun memories and have a lot of laughs while playing,” said Gabriele, co-founder of K.ID Bow. »

NecroBoy: Path to Evil

Necroboy is an adventure puzzle game created by French indie developer cold wolfin which you revive souls to make them your servants, called NecroMinions (because everything is cooler when it starts with Necro), who will follow our hero, NecroBoy.

Use your minions and give them orders to solve puzzles and thus get through the crypt of the Necroman, the infamous necromancer who tyrannized the kingdom a century ago. What a source of inspiration!

Although the gameplay was designed for relaxation (we are not called cold wolf in vain, huh?), this dungeon crawl will leave players in a cold sweat as the difficulty of the puzzles increases!

However, the heart of the game is its story. This is a maniac of grandeur, a dramatic and lonely child who wants to take the path of Evil. Why choose this lens? What is he really looking for? That’s what you’ll learn as you follow Necroboy’s adventures in the crypt and his evolution as a person, often comical, but…sometimes darker. The NecroBoy character was originally inspired by Ed from the 90s game Tonic Trouble! It was one of my favorite games as a kid so I wanted NecroBoy to be a fun and cute protagonist like Ed was.

Demo for NecroBoy: Path to Evil Coming soon, so stay tuned!

“I hope people fall in love with NecroBoy as much as I did with this little guy,” said developer and owner Yul. cold wolf. »