Games, quizzes, workshops, demonstrations… A festival of everyday ecology in the Bourges agglomeration

An event festival spread across the Berruyère agglomeration, Spring of Ecology changes its name and becomes Make Ecology from 14 to 22 May. “We wanted something more dynamic. Ecology is action,” explains Katherine Mengi, deputy mayor for environmental transition and community advisor.

Making ecology begins on Saturday with a traditional feast day in the garden of the Archdiocese in Bourges. The program includes games, quizzes, workshops, demonstrations. As well as the presence of associations such as Mon Cher Vélo, the stand of the City of Bourges in the landscaping permit, the stand of Bourges Plus in the inter-municipal biodiversity atlas…

Festival dedicated to the European Sustainable Development Week

The festival, timed to coincide with the European Sustainable Development Week, unfolds its events in the metropolis: a visit to the Jardin d’Adrien farm in Berry Bouy on May 14 and 15 (open doors); an exchange of plants on 14 May in the great marsh of Antoine at Bourges and another on 21 May at the Pond of Sublette in Saint-Germain-du-Puy; bike ride along the Berry Canal on 15 May between Marmagne and Mehun; night market at Subdray May 20… And for the kids: the Improcontée show at the Château Rosé in Troy; seminar on herbarium on May 22 in Annua…

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Ecology is also full of its dates, including film debates on May 23 and 24, a conference at the museum on Friday, May 13 (read below) … A lot.

Before, during and after, cinema, conferences, exhibitions

The Make Ecology festival allows itself to overfill its dates. On the eve of the festival, on Friday, May 13, at 20:00, researcher and soil specialist Marc-André Seloss gives a lecture at the Natural History Museum of Bourges about soil, the origin of the world. There are two film debates during the festival. Alone in the assembly hall of the conservatory, May 23 at 20:00, around the show of “Tree Brothers”, in the presence of the Papuan conductor Mundia Kepang. The second at the Maison de la Culture cinema around the documentary “Pandemic Factory” in the presence of its director Marie-Monique Robin. On Thursday, June 9, at 20:00, a conference was held at the building energy pole in Bourges, dedicated to the lie of the three little pigs. The festival also offers three exhibitions. In the atlas of diversity in the municipal library of Meen-sur-Yevre and in the hall of the City Hall of Bourges. Another on the topic of waste reduction, sorting and recycling at the Saint-Michel-de-Volangy library. And finally, thermal renewal and biodiversity at the Maison de l’habitat et du Cœur de Ville in Bourges.

Marie Claire Raymond