Game releases: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Super Starship 3, Dadish 3, Offroad Unchained, King Rabbit – Race

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There are 13 interesting video games for your iOS devices in the App Store today, especially Ace Attorney Trilogy, Super Starship 3, Dadish 3, Offroad Unchained, King Rabbit – Race.

Thursday is to video games what Wednesday is to movies, so at iPhoneSoft you’ll find: Thursday game trips for iPhone, iPod and iPad for many years.

New free games for iOS:

merge island icon kuya game ipa iphone ipadUnite Kuya Island (Game, Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.45, 246MB, iOS 11.0, Netmarble Corporation)

Kuya needs your help to clean up his polluted island. You are the new genie spirit and you are the only person who can save the island!

The goal is to combine Kuyu and the resources on the island in order to improve it with decorations and strategy.

Download free game Unite Kuya Island

merge capture island kuya game ipa iphone ipad

juggling ball icon game ipa iphone ipadjuggling ball (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.1, 36MB, iOS 13.0, Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd.)

Test your juggling skills! How long can you keep the ball in the air? How many balls can you jam at the same time? Try this fun yet addictive game. Just keep the balls in the air and you’ll be fine.
There are 4 different game modes that you can try out.

Download free game juggling ball

ball grab juggling game ipa iphone ipad

ace attorney trilogy icon game ipa iphone ipadFirst Grade Lawyer Trilogy (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 986 MB, iOS 13.3, CAPCOM)

Become a lawyer and prove your client’s innocence in court! Follow the youth of young lawyer Phoenix Wright with the first three games in the series combined in one package!
All 14 episodes of “Phoenix Wright: Best Lawyer”, “Phoenix Wright: Best Lawyer – Justice for All” and “Phoenix Wright: Best Lawyer – Trials and Trials” are included!

Better, Ace Attorney translated into French!

Download First Grade Lawyer Trilogy for 24.99 euros

ace attorney trilogy capture game ipa iphone ipad

super starship 3 game icon ipa iphone ipadSuper Starship 3 (Game, Adventure/Simulation, iPhone/iPad, v1.5, 245 MB, iOS 11.0, Les Bird)

Are you a Star Trek or No Man’s Sky fan? What would you do if you had your own ship? Where would you go?

Explore a huge permanent galaxy made up of a million stars and almost 6 million planets (5,999,792 to be exact). The galaxy is divided into 125 quadrants, with each quadrant divided into 729 sectors. There is something to explore. Capture stars and planets and make them yours forever. Other starship captains will also see the stars and planets you have claimed, and you will see them.

A title that fans of space missions have been eagerly waiting for.

Download free game Super starship 3

super starship 3 capture game ipa iphone ipad

pointpy game icon ipa iphone ipadpot-bellied (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.5, 257 MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Jump into the air, crack open a pear, avoid adorable villains and feed the blue beast that’s on your heels. From the creator of the award-winning game Downwell, this vertical platformer takes you higher and higher through new and increasingly difficult levels. Earn and unlock abilities to help you on your next mission.

Download free game pot-bellied

pointpy game capture ipa iphone ipad

dadish 3 game icon ipa iphone ipadDadsky 3 (Game, Action/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 120 MB, iOS 9.0, Thomas Young)

As for the first two opuses, Dadish 3 is a series of challenges and obstacles for your dear radish daddy to wade through the sewers, get lost in the desert, ride a dolphin and reluctantly find the wife he’s separated from, little Momato. 50 new levels have been designed by the genius Tom Young with even finer game mechanics that will infuriate even the most seasoned. If Dadish 3 is dominated by humor and good cheer, then the difficulty has nothing to do with genre classics like Super Mario. Every careless mistake will cost you your life!

Download free game Dadsky 3

dadish 3 capture game ipa iphone ipad

artery gear fusion icon game ipa iphone ipadArterial Gear: Fusion (Game, RPG/Card, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.4, 3.5 GB, iOS 9.0, BILIBILI HK LIMITED)

In Artery Gear: Fusion, you must assemble a team of robot girls to fight against the cruel “puppets” that are devouring the world. You will find amazing special effects, a refreshing soundscape and, above all, huge robots. More than 100 mechs with different characteristics will fight with you.

Download free game Arterial Gear: Fusion

artery transfer fusion capture game ipa iphone ipad

ocean sea in my heart icon game ipa iphone ipadOcean – sea in my heart (Game, Simulator, iPhone/iPad, v1.1.5, 168MB, iOS 11.0, Ligensoft)

The main character Luna is full of curiosity and loves adventure. It’s about collecting over 100 different types of friends, including clownfish, blue surgeonfish, sea turtles, manta rays, giant squid, humpback whales and many more. But beware, this is a relaxing experience, not an intense game!

Download free game Ocean – sea in my heart

ocean sea in my heart capture game ipa iphone ipad

dynasty legends 2 game icon ipa iphone ipadDynasty Legends 2 (Game, Action/RPG, iPhone/iPad, v1.2.001, 3.6 GB, iOS 11.0, Taihe Interactive)

Dynasty Legends 2 is an evolution of the game that mixes A-RPG and Hack & Slash. An intense combat experience in which you must destroy thousands of enemies to become the master of the three kingdoms. You will find high-quality graphics combined with giant battlefields and a mode to play with friends. If you like the genre and samurai, go for it!

Download free game Dynasty Legends 2

dynasty legends 2 capture game ipa iphone ipad

offroad liberated icon game ipa iphone ipadLiberated from off-road (Game, Racing/Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.1, 1.2 GB, iOS 13.0, Red Bull)

Red Bull offers real-time multiplayer off-road racing.

To climb to the top of the world rankings, unlock cars and more, you’ll have to drive at full speed, master drifting and, above all, win races. The game is very well done with a very varied dynamic environment and a fairly realistic physics engine. You can even play co-op together!

Download free game Liberated from off-road

off road liberated capture game ipa iphone ipad

royal rabbit race icon game ipa iphone ipadRoyal rabbit – breed (Games, social networks/racing, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.1, 163 MB, iOS 11.0, RareSloth LLC)

Developers rare sloth carried over the same type of grid-based movement, as well as all the death traps of previous King Rabbit titles, pitting you against other players in endless levels to see who can get the furthest. In a daily challenge, all players play the same randomly generated level each day, with the top 10 runners receiving a prize at the end of the day. Trophy Race lets you compete against other players on an endless number of randomly generated levels and earn trophies based on your performance via the leaderboard.

Download free game Royal rabbit – breed

king rabbit race capture game ipa iphone ipad

refuse ship game icon ipa iphone ipadleave the ship (Game, Adventure/Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.5, 1.1 GB, iOS 13.0, Plug In Digital)

Take up piracy and become a captain with a bounty on your head in this rather original game.

Take control of the Age of Sail ship and crew and explore a vast world rich in history that evolves based on your decisions. Take on enemy ships, fortifications and sea monsters in brutal tactical combat created in an artistic style inspired by classic marine oil paintings.

Download free game leave the ship

refuse to take over the ship game ipa iphone ipad

kingdom maker icon game ipa iphone ipadkingdom maker (Games, Role Playing/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, Version 27.0.3, 297 MB, iOS 13.0, Scopely, Inc.)

A new strategy game in vertical mode, which takes place during the time of the knights. Your goal is to create armies of champions and customizable units to conquer other kingdoms and participate in real-time battles. Raiding cities, relaxing in a castle, defending your kingdom, and even finding true love are all part of the gameplay. Interesting and translated into French.

Download free game kingdom maker

kingdom maker capture game ipa iphone ipad