Gambling advertising will soon be banned, Bush is against it.

Based on disturbing statistics, the Minister of Justice wants gambling ads to be visible only to the target audience.

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Justice Minister Vincent Van Kuickenborn, committed to fighting gambling addiction as mandated by the government agreement, has drafted a proposal that severely restricts gambling advertising, Sudinfo reported on Monday. , Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen and het Belang van Limburg. If passed, this new royal decree should take effect at the end of the year. President MR Georges-Louis Boucher said to himself on Monday morning:completely opposite“to the project.

Gaming addiction in numbers

64% of the population over 18 dare to gamble at least once a year.“, the minister’s office said in a statement.The corona crisis has also taken its toll. Studies conducted during the Covid pandemic showed that youth gambling increased by 43%. This mostly happened online as many gambling establishments were closed due to the measures.“.

Recent studies also show that betting addicts spend an average of 42% of their monthly income on gambling. Around 40% of online gamblers are under 26 and nearly 70% under 39. “The increased public acceptance of online gambling due to the many advertisements reaching the public through various channels is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity.“says Vincent Van Kuickenborn, who wants to put an end to this.”Now the philosophy is that only people who want to gamble and are actively looking for gambling information will encounter gambling ads in the future.“, he continues.

MR wants more nuance

This measure is excessive and will cause great financial difficulties, including for the sports sector. Do we really want the death of football in this country?“, – writes for his part the president of the MR on Twitter. According to Mr. Bouchez, the proposal of the Minister of Justice “this is a very poor answer to a real problem for which provisions already exist and could be improved“.”MR wants more nuance“, he added, urging a focus on supporting people who suffer from addiction and who are in the minority.”The destruction of the legal sector will result in these people frequenting darknet platforms without any regulation. This puritanical look makes no sense“, – said the President of the Francophone Liberals.

Mr Van Kuikenborn, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, announced on Monday his desire to fight gambling stipulated in the government agreement“. In a press release, he clarified that he had prepared a proposal aimed at drastically limiting gambling advertising and banning most forms of it, as well as video advertising on websites and social media platforms, advertising in magazines and newspapers, posters in public places and personalized advertising sent via email, regular mail, SMS or social media.”The basic principle is that only people who want to gamble and are actively seeking information about gambling will encounter gambling advertisements in the future.“, the minister explained.