France may adopt blockchain for the next Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are approaching and France is preparing to receive a large number of spectators. There is only one solution for the country: blockchain.

Cryptocurrency finds concrete use in France

Every edition of the Olympic Games must be great, and the country of human rights is committed to making the next edition an unforgettable event. However, it is fashionable to avoid some excesses. While the Stade de France fiasco remains in everyone’s memory, France has decided to turn to the cryptosphere.

A few days ago, the sports minister proposed to the National Assembly that they adopt blockchain to prevent ticket forgery during sports or cultural events. It seems that his call was heard.

In a report on the organization of the future Olympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024, spokesman Michel Cadot insists on the need for blockchain ticketing.

Among the five recommendations at the end of his report, Cadot said that secure and personalized ticketing, to be used in Paris in 2024, should be introduced at all major international sporting events held in France. This will include the complete dematerialization of personalized tickets sent by the organizer just a few days earlier via SMS and containing a rotating QR code using blockchain technology. They will only be active within the virtual perimeter and correspond to the site’s security perimeter, which can be checked first during the pre-check and then deactivated once the visitor enters the place’s site.

Excerpt from an article in The Ticketing Business reporting Michel Cadot’s report.

This is nothing new for France as, according to Michel Cadot, blockchain ticketing will already be used for the next Rugby World Cup, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will also take place in 2024.

Therefore, it will be easy to democratize the system in the country if the initiative is successful. So far, the government has not sent a response. Therefore, no alternative was immediately accepted.

Blockchain Tickets Are Revolutionizing the Concept of Cryptocurrency in France

If France can wait until 2024 to adopt this new system, the crypto industry did not wait for full democratization to take over the ticketing business. Recently, the famous music festival Coachella offered lifetime tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens.

The country of human rights, which prefers to wait another two years, may be one of the last to introduce tickets, the use of which has revolutionized the rest of the world.

Source: Coachella Twitter account.

In any case, the introduction of blockchain into the world of events is still great news for the industry. In anticipation of the first results of this experiment in France, the crypto world has something to hold on to.

The use of tickets in the form of NFTs would kick-start the industry and allow it to continue in the country, which is no offense to the skeptical Nobel laureate.

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