Flavien Neerz, a passionate entrepreneur, between sea and land

Meeting | When Dominique Busso, CEO of Forbes in France, invites Flavien Neyertz, inventor of e-surfing, CEO of Cobalt, winner of the 30 to 30 competition, awarded by Forbes in 2021, to become one of our three representatives of the new Range Rover for this partnership, he immediately accepted the challenge. Interview

Problems, Flavien knows them well. Extreme lover since childhood, he is also fond of mechanics. As we walk around this imposing and beautiful SUV, it reveals a little more about him and his passions.

Flavien Neerz: I come from the Cote d’Azur, the closest to the Mediterranean. My youth was divided between sports and education. It was this combination that made me want to start my own company. The idea came to me when I was sailing on the boats of family business clients and saw that I could offer the owners classes related to the sea. So I had the idea of ​​the first motorized surfing in 2010, when I was still taking lessons. If the idea was interesting, it was much harder to put it into practice. Complex logistics and after-sales service… Only in 2018, having acquired a technology company, I was able to produce my own products. Cobalt was born in Monaco. Electronic surfing, fully electric, arrived quickly. Satisfaction and ease of use, care for the environment, these environmentally friendly electric surfboards immediately found their customers.

You also took part in competitions.

FN : In fact, I was a two-time world champion, in 2013 and 2014. It was primarily a “small” championship, in which only 56 of the 180 who took part in this discipline took part. It was very important for me to be a user of my products in the competition, it could only strengthen my business.

Tell us why you agreed to try this new Range Rover and become an ambassador of this partnership?

FN : I must admit that I am a big fan of the brand. When I was doing my initial market research, I was looking for a car that could carry my fairly large electronic surfers and allow me to drive safely. My choice very quickly fell on the Range Rover, which combines all these qualities. It is also, above all, a vehicle with a history that has been able to immortalize its DNA, from one model to another for four generations and half a century of rule.

Flavien, how much beauty and elegance do you give when choosing a car, and how would you describe the design of the new model?

FN : Elegance, perceived quality, brand image – these values ​​have long guided my choice. For my part, I partnered with Sebastian Jondo, Karl Lagerfeld’s designer, for limited editions of our surfboards. The first look at the product is important. As for the L460, it is clear that everything in this latest Range Rover model is designed to conquer the most demanding, starting with me! (Laughs)

Passion is the basis of my choice as an entrepreneur. It is also in my life choices. And in my car. This is something that allows you to overcome barriers, without this value no business. I would associate the word passion with the word passion. As for the “vision”, I have my own motto: “Strive for the best, be ready to get worse!” »

What immediately attracted you when you first discovered it?

FN : This duality between the beautiful and the “solid”. A luxury adventurer to express your first impression. Already its appearance, its height, its volume, its design, the harmony of its proportions. With its 5,052 m (short chassis), it is not satisfied with the impressiveness, it is beautiful. We already guess that we will be comfortable in this space, and, above all, we will be safe there.

What details do you pay the most attention to while driving?

FN : Everything matters. There is, of course, the quality of the cabin. In this regard, the choice of manufacturer is optimal, from the standard version and even more so to the processing of SV. Heated multifunction steering wheel, it’s amazing!

When you drive a car or drive an e-surfboard, what sensations are you looking for first and foremost and why?

FN : There are many differences and many things in common. The difference is mostly related to freedom at sea, of course, you have to respect others, but there is only the horizon as a limit and perhaps the autonomy of my e-surfs. In both cases, when you have mastered your car, you can draw parallels: the pleasure of driving, even piloting, as well as attracting power with its limits.

As an entrepreneur, what are the core values ​​that you keep in mind when choosing your car, and how does this new Range Rover model respond to them?

FN : This is a combination of all the benefits! However, I do not forget that for my company the advantage is the volume of transportation associated with its comfort. It is clear that embedded technology, active or passive, adds to my choice. Especially in the field of respect for the environment, which is dear to me. Therefore, the plug-in hybrid version with its modernity and, of course, reliability, most likely, will convince me.

Are you a young entrepreneur, when you are told about passion, vision, behavior, what images come to mind?

FN : My choice as an entrepreneur is based on passion. It is also in my life choices. And in my car. This is something that allows you to overcome barriers, without this value no business. I would associate the word passion with the word passion. As for the “vision”, I have my own motto: “Strive for the best, be ready to get worse!” It is very important not to be afraid of failure. “Driving” for me is like piloting. Take responsibility for your trajectory, adapt to any situation … I clearly distinguish between driving and being a driver. But above all, we are not alone on board!

In conclusion: if you had to recommend this Range Rover to a friend, what words could you use to convince him?

FN : I would tell him that with this vehicle he could travel to the ends of the earth, have fun and feel that the world belongs to him without restrictions, respecting the environment. And we could even go together! (Laughs)

Thank you Flavien and good luck in your business… Of course, in Range Rover!

If you want, like Flavien, to try out this new Range Rover model, go to www.landrover.fr

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