FIFA: the end of the famous football license

In the daily edition of this Wednesday, May 11th, we have: Nintendo’s financial results, the end of Fifa, and finally a scammer sentenced to damages by Epic Games. Diary Go!


  • Nintendo balance sheet
  • FIFA is gone!
  • Player ordered to pay damages to Epic Games

Nintendo balance sheet

Yesterday it was Sony, it’s normal that today it’s Nintendo’s turn! Big N has published its financial report for the 2021-2022 financial year. The turnover of the firm was 12 billion 290 million euros, and the net profit was 3 billion 463 million euros. We can note a slight drop compared to the previous year, 4% in turnover and 1% in profit. On clarification, we can see that the bulk of the turnover is in hardware and accessories, which account for 46.80% of the total, followed by Nintendo game sales at 39.32%, then royalties at 10.58%. For its part, Switch continues its small journey and surpasses 107.65 million in sales. It is the fifth best-selling console in history after PS2, DS, GameBoy and PS4. For games Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus ranked fourth in Pocket Monsters with sales of 12.64 million. Kirby defends well because forgotten world became the best-selling little pink ball game with 2.65 million cartridges sold. We are still waiting for something very heavy with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Mario Strikers: Fighting Soccer League, Platoon 3, Bayonetta 3 and, above all, continuation Breath of the Wild.

FIFA is gone!

FIFA is the annual arena of football games. Get ready to say goodbye to this license as FIFA and Electronic Arts have decided to end their historic nearly 30 year partnership that began in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer. From 2024, the license will bear the name EA Sports FC. FIFA 23 will indeed be the latest addition to this franchise. EA is committed to delivering the most complete episode ever dedicated to their football game. The reasons for the breakup are not reported. The publisher wants to reassure players by pointing out that the end of the partnership will not affect the content of their creations. For its part, FIFA has already announced that it wants “diversify its video game offering and offer new football games”. The Association maintains a full-fledged dialogue with studios, publishers and investors. For the president, it’s simple: the football game that bears the FIFA name will always be the best on the market.

Player ordered to pay damages to Epic Games

For those who haven’t followed the story, in April 2021, Epic Games sued an Australian player who cheated on Fortnite. In addition, the guy was selling cheating software and accounts for Battle Royal. In fact, he had a website and an online store where he sold aimbots (cheat software that allows you to automatically aim at the head), as well as inactive Fortnite accounts with rare skins, accounts with completed battle passes, or even accounts , allowing you to have unlimited V-bucks for a certain period of time. His name is Brandon Despotakis, aka BlazeFN on the internet, and he was found guilty of violating Fortnite’s end user license agreement and terms of service, violating Epic Games’ copyrights, and illegally selling cheat accounts and software to other players. At the moment, the amount of damage is not yet known. However, BlazeFN apologized to the Fortnite community.

By Gin_Writing