FIFA: End of applause for the leader of football games

Months of doubts and rumors are over. And this ends the historical era in the world of video games. EA Sports has officially confirmed that FIFA 23 will be the final license for the legendary soccer game. A change that occurs after a publisher has severed its relationship with an international association. Due to disagreements between the two sides, FIFA, which has held this name for almost thirty years, will be renamed. EA Sports FC .

An expected solution, but which, despite everything, never ceases to amaze everyone, so a whole section of video game enthusiasts has grown up on this license. North American company made it all official on his website and named the reasons for this change of identity, which will begin to occur in from July 2023 to prepare for the 2023-2024 season

Updated FIFA for years to come?

EA Sports claims that EA Sports FC will usher in an exciting new era, which will reshape the future of football under a new name but with the same essence (although some players strongly hope that changes will be made, especially in terms of gameplay). To reassure millions of fans of the license, they directly specify that they will keep everything that FIFA has popularized so far, but under a new banner.

“Everything you love about our games will be part of EA SPORTS FC: the same features, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes. Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football will be available. Our exclusive licensing portfolio of over 19,000 players, over 700 teams, over 100 stadiums and 30 leagues that we have continued to invest in over the decades will always be here, only at EA SPORTS FC. This includes exclusive partnerships with Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, MLS and more going forward. .”

For its part, the World Cup (hosted by FIFA) should no longer be an available mode once the name is officially changed.

On the way to a real new license

The creators of EA also say that they will have more freedom and opportunities for innovation, creativity and development. They are determined to make the new name a symbol of change. “We are committed to meaningful reinvestment in sport and we are excited to work with a growing number of partners to develop new authentic experiences that bring joy, engagement and immersion to fans. .”

Finally, they also point out that while the name change is now in effect, they still have an agreement with FIFA until the end of this year. This episode of FIFA 23 should be the last fireworks show that EA Sports has agreed to include content like the World Cup and more “leagues, competitions and players than in any previous FIFA .

The rift between the two sides reportedly occurred when FIFA demanded over $1,000 million to use the simple name “FIFA” over the next few years. The video game developer said that the only benefit she gave them was that “four letters on the box and a world championship every four years”.

Finally, the declaration promises more information about their new project in summer 2023. So we’ll find out more soon. It’s time to get used to calling this license by a new name…

It’s time for Pro Evolution Soccer to go… and come back as eFootball. Konami’s football simulation license is undergoing a profound transformation and will be released this year with a new graphics engine and a new economic model.