Does Starfield use a new engine?

Bethesda has reused engines across games in the past, but Starfield is an exception. The Creation Engine is the engine that Bethesda has been using for over a decade, from Skyrim to Fallout 76. Bethesda is launching Creation Engine 2 alongside Starfield.

Bethesda made a new engine for Starfield?

Creation Engine 2 was designed specifically for new games from Bethesda, starting with Starfield. In the future, every Bethesda game will use this engine, and it could last as long as the original Creation Engine. Bethesda didn’t necessarily make Creation Engine 2 just for Starfield, but Starfield was likely the focus of the engine’s creation, as it’s the first game to use the engine.

Why did Bethesda create a new game engine?

Todd Howard said the engines are limited in their ability to make each world bigger during Brighton Digital 2020. The new engine adds more functionality to these worlds.

Many Starfield features require a lot of memory and power to use, as evidenced by the Xbox + Bethesda 2022 showcase. This includes ship modifications, many different worlds with plants and aliens, and modding tools always available to players.

What is Creation Engine 2?

Creation Engine 2 is essentially an improvement on the original Creation Engine. The Creation Engine was known for giving players more flexibility in what they could do and how they could create their characters. The second version of the Creation Engine does a lot more than its predecessor.

At the Xbox+ Bethesda 2022 showcase, fans got to see just how deep character creation went. Starfield models are much better than in Fallout 76 and players can customize ships in very complex ways. In addition, Starfield adds an RPG mechanic that allows players to choose their character’s backstory and overall orientation.

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Creation Engine 2 delayed Starfield?

It didn’t delay Starfield as you might think. A new engine will always increase the time it takes to create a game. Bethesda had to educate its developers about the engine and its features and let them experience and learn from it. Therefore, the development of Starfield would have taken longer than a game built on a familiar engine such as Unreal Engine.

This is still an important step in making a game, so it was probably planned ahead of time as each game studio checks the engine they will be using during pre-production. We don’t know how long Bethesda has owned Creation Engine 2, and we haven’t heard of them changing engines during development.

Even though they didn’t have a Creation Engine 2 when they started development, it wasn’t required in most of the early stages of game development. Other developers in the studio could write a story, create an illustration, or record voice lines while the engine was being programmed.

Creation Engine 2, like the original, will come with modding tools for players to use. Many gamers are familiar with GECK, which Bethesda used to allow players to create their own levels in their Fallout games. Starfield will likely have a lot more tools for players who want to change games in their own way.

During Brighton Digital 2020, Howard encouraged the community to keep adding and shaping the game.’s mod support has given modders the ability to create their own mods, but modders have long been encouraged to create their own. So even console gamers can benefit from mods.

Will be integrated with Starfield’s Creation Engine 2?

When Bethesda created Creation Engine 2, they most likely had in mind, and Starfield is probably better optimized than Skyrim Legendary Edition and Fallout 4. There wasn’t much player testing, so problems arose early on.

Bethesda can now leverage its experience from previous games using to help Starfield better manage with the new engine. This does not mean that there will be more features or that there will never be bugs, because we don’t know that yet. But we do know that Bethesda has never stopped supporting and will likely continue to do so.

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Can I use Starfield’s Creation Engine 2 to get a job at Bethesda?

Many Bethesda fans know that Bethesda is open to potential contributors creating their own levels using GECK from previous engines. This was revealed in the NoClip documentary, where Howard said he would ask interested applicants to demonstrate the level they could achieve with GECK. This documentary was filmed in 2018, so many hopeful fans thought the ability to use the engine might be an incentive.

It’s been a long time since Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Although we are sure that the process has become significantly more complicated than just showing the level, it is still nice to be able to use their tools to create games with them.

Will there be the same bugs in Starfield’s new Creation Engine 2?

Bethesda is known for making games that are expansive and allow for a lot of freedom, so their games often have bugs. While Creation Engine 2 pushes games further than before, that doesn’t mean all bugs have been ironed out. It takes a lot of testing to get rid of bugs, and many testers don’t know what players will do when they start the game.

Also, some bugs and issues require a specific set of circumstances. Bethesda games are characterized by a lot of freedom, which often leaves these little annoyances, such as a guard choosing a certain path when you’re attacked by an NPC, which can cause a bug of its own.

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