Diablo Immortal, or the hell of the lowest rated games on Metacritic

Diablo the Immortal came out only at the beginning of the month, and yet, it already ranks as the lowest rated game in history on Metacritica bug of a twisted economic model that forces players to succumb to offensive microtransactions.

The game is available for free on mobile devices (iOS and Android) as well as on PC, but the American giant has chosen very dubious business model, namely microtransactions. During the presentation, the development team stated that they were satisfied with “the balance they found with the battle pass during the beta” and that, to respect the essence of Diablo, they would not be selling weapons or any equipment. lead to a significant imbalance between the players.

The problem is that if the game doesn’t really offer weapons for sale, certain microtransactions allow you to buy legendary emblems and gems (which are not 100% guaranteed…) that are useful for character development and equipment. Therefore, they allow you to progress faster by gaining strength. The title then switches to “pay-to-win” after only a few hours of play.a source of great frustration for free players.

So Diablo Immortal gets rating 0.2 out of 10, no game has fallen so low in Metacritic history, all platforms combined among 18,000 entries. Among the top five on the flop is Warcraft III: Reforged, another game released by Blizzard Entertainment.

In addition to criticizing the name itself, it is also in Blizzard that players contact and especially fans of the Diablo license who are inevitably disappointed and even feel like they are losing “their faith” placed in business. Something not entirely surprising given the scandals the company has been up to in recent years, but a worrisome situation: If fans don’t believe in Blizzard anymore, who is still supporting them?

Leaving negative reviews about a game in droves, or also referred to as ” bombing overview “. This is a very quick and quite effective way to express your dissatisfaction. Online platforms such as Steam, Metacritic, IMDb supported this gathering of communities, which then organized to issue massive negative ratings in the hope of getting the publisher or development team to respond by influencing potential financial results, so this can be a great means of pressure, especially against Blizzard. pushes Blizzard even further into the bullshit storm in which the company has been confused for several years. One thing that Microsoft doesn’t necessarily need to see very favorably, and players are hoping the latter will clean up the mess…

Diablo Immortal isn’t the only one, many games have fallen victim to this review bombardment, and for the most part the reason was related to the business model. Big names were involved, such as The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim, whose addition of paid mods by Valve in 2015 was very poorly received, forcing the publisher to back out and go back to making the feature free. Grand Theft Auto also suffered the same ire from gamers when its publisher, Take Two, tried to monetize mods. And finally, most recently Genshin Impact, which has been heavily criticized for its paid system (gacha), was found offensive.

Player anger at the economic models adopted in games is not born of the last rain, but it is clear that companies continue to want to take this dangerous path, as if Blizzard could afford it …