Club des Communicants goes to the Games in Amiens

The last meeting of the Club des Communicants, proposed in mid-May, was dedicated to Amiens called Terre de Jeux 2024 and how the city is preparing for this major sporting event. The club invited Guillaume Duflo, Vice President of Amiens Métropole in charge of sports and departmental adviser, Daniel Leleu, Delegated sports adviser and Mayor of Vaux-en-Amienois, and Bruno Guevena to detail the many aspects of communication. , project manager for Amiens Gets in the Game 2024 at the sports department of Amiens Métropole.

Indeed, the city of Amiens is labeled Terre de Jeux 2024. In total, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Centers catalog lists nine city sites across eleven disciplines.

We wanted to know how all this is prepared from the inside. We know that Amiens has important assets, including a very favorable geographical position and a good quality of life with all the natural surroundings and, above all, a team that cares about sports fans. »declares in the preamble Isabelle de Vazières, president of the Club des Communicants, in front of some thirty participants of this themed breakfast organized in the Colosseum, a very complete sports ground in the hypercentre of the city, created in 1996 and in which the city has invested 7 million euros to modernize it.

(left to right) Isabelle de Vazières, President of the Club of Communicators, Danielle Lele, Guillaume Duflo and Bruno Guevenoux (respectively Councilor Delegate for Sport, Vice President for Sport and Head of the Amiens Goes to Game 2024 project at the Amiens Metropole).

Amiens is already attracting delegations

After announcing the arrival of the Japan Swimming Federation at the Colosseum ahead of the competition, it was the Japan Table Tennis Federation that confirmed its decision to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Amiens, Albéric-Labom Hall.

The Japanese delegation of the Paralympic Games has yet to choose between Abbeville and Amiens. Handisport is important, interesting and conveys great values ​​to youth, clubs and residents. “Amiens takes part in the game”, it’s a whole dynamic, because we are an hour away from the Olympic Village, the Stade de France, the heart of the Games. And it is also a challenge for our territory. The last Games in France are back Therefore, we are implementing a whole development strategy to promote our metropolis. Tony Estangue, p.resident of Paris 2024, ensures that we have a number of qualities that allow us to host in Amiens the countries that will prepare for the Olympic Games”, Guillaume Duflo says

Opened in June 2019, the Aquapôle is one of the sites of international importance that the city has high hopes for countries to come here to prepare their games.

In addition to the sporting aspect, the environment is no less important. It goes through tourism, culture, hotels. The athletes will be there for weeks, we will have to keep them busy before the Games. They will be able to use the heritage of the city and the department to prosper. Another important axis is the presence of a number of medical centers and clinics. We combine all these options. Moreover, as soon as we signed the contract with the Japanese, the next day the Japanese tour operator included Amiens in their catalog, to the great delight of our tourist office.”emphasizes Bruno Guevenu.

Set stars in the eyes of the residents of 39 municipalities

“Amiens comes into play” wants to appeal to the entire metropolis. It is a process for everyone, both in Vaud-en-Amienois and in Amiens. Our goal is to involve 39 municipalities. For example, we are going to have an original animation on the same day in our municipalities. I also plan to bring together 600 cyclists of all ages to join all the municipalities, as in a huge 120 km relay race, with sports and cultural activities. What puts stars in the eyes of residents »announces Daniel Leleu.

These Games are also an opportunity to create a legacy, to perpetuate this sporting spirit in the years to come, while not forgetting a true community approach to healthy sport so that young and old alike can play sports.

The Olympic Games unite and therefore lag behind, young people, in particular in facial expressions, in their passion for star athletes, enroll in clubsconcludes Sports Assistant. AGAINSTIt also makes you want to be an actor in your own development and well being. »

This Club des Communicants meeting was attended by athletes and club leaders, including François Joliveau, President of Amiens Voile, and Ouissam Khatab, a boxer and business manager from Amiens who, at the age of 35, is training for a world championship belt. Walter. I can’t wait to get up close and personal with the Olympics with my son. It is true that here in Amiens we have everything. We don’t always realize how lucky we are. Therefore, the fact that Amiens will take part in the game with athletes from all over the world who will come to train with us is just fantastic. »