Bordeaux will host the next European Corporate Sports Games

The French Federation of Corporate Sports expects up to 10,000 participants. Credits: FFSE

In June 2023, Bordeaux will host several matches of the Rugby World Cup… as well as the European Company Sports Games. An event open to all companies, from VSE to large groups. Port de la Lune is expected to employ up to 10,000 staff to perform during events as well as networking.

After Salzburg in Austria and Arnhem in the Netherlands, Bordeaux will host the 24th edition of the European Corporate Sports Games next year. The event, which will take place throughout the metropolis from June 14 to 18, 2023, and is expected to be attended by 8,000 to 10,000 participants from 500 companies and 40 countries. And for participation practically no criteria will be required. “We have a double bond that turns into an advantage, explains Didier Besser, President of the French (FFSE), European (EFCS) and World (WFCS) corporate sports federations. We depend on both the sports code and the labor code. Thus, any workspace can participate in these European Games. Be it CAC40 companies, small VSEs, craft businesses or local authorities. »

It is also an opportunity to consolidate payroll teams, sometimes spread across several departments, in particular in the three former regions of New Aquitaine. According to the FFSE, exercising in the workplace will increase productivity by 6-9%, reduce employee turnover by 25%, and reduce stress and fatigue in 73% of participants. “Of course, playing sports is good for health, for well-being, all this is true, and we have been talking about this for many years. But what is not covered enough is the strengthening of social ties. What we offer helps build bridges, helps management within the company”Didier Besser emphasizes.

Strong synergy with hoteliers

From municipal gyms to athletics stadiums, the vast majority of the capital’s sports venues will host participants during these five days of competition. And it was almost obvious for the FFSE president to organize an event in Bordeaux: “The city has a good reputation, it’s big enough, but it doesn’t feel gigantic. This is of great importance, because in Berlin or Paris we would get lost, completely anonymous. All our competitions will take place here – except golf – and our accommodation will be less than 500 meters from the tram stop. This is ideal, especially since work on the tram to the airport will be completed. »

Another distinctive element in favor of Bordeaux: the hotel portfolio. And, above all, very good relations between FFSE and industry professionals. “Hoteliers have a fantastic approach, insists Didier Besser. It doesn’t happen often, but in Bordeaux they are aware of their responsibility for the smooth running of the event. Some will take one or two employees free of charge upstream to organize the Games. We have never experienced this elsewhere. » Therefore, Didier Besseyre hopes that under these conditions the event will be able to attract French employees. “We don’t have a choice based on performance, he calms. It’s kind of a first-in-first-out principle. The rules and conditions are created to accommodate differences in levels, often associated with age differences. Companies with a small number of employees will also be able to try their luck, because it will be possible to form teams from several structures. Finally, “The business aspect is also part of the things that we have been developing for ten years, even if it was not initially in demand. We organize meetings, cocktails, allowing participants to discuss during the event »Didier Besseret says

But before this meeting, Placéco will organize the first Gironde Companies Olympiad on July 1st. A day to socialize or do team building activities in 8 sports. Additional Information