Best Sports Games at Steam Next Fest 2022

Steam Next Fest is back and brings with it an incredible amount of upcoming indie games and demos. With so many games to discover, it can be hard to choose some that stand out. Below are our recommendations for the best Steam Next Fest 2022 sports games. You can also check out our recommendations for the best Steam Next Fest RPGs and the best Steam Next Fest puzzle games.

Cursed in golf

Image courtesy of Chuhai Labs.

Playing golf might seem like a good idea at first, but the curse of golf for eternity in Golf Purgatory isn’t everything. You must complete over 80 holes if you want to return to the land of the living and claim the trophy you were about to claim. Master the game of golf with 20 power-ups and legendary ghost caddies in Golf Purgatory.

Stable 2022

Stable 2022Image via RanchoGames

Live the life of your dreams by owning and managing your own stable in Horse Shelter 2022. Take care of horses and train them for international competitions. On the track you can show your driving and jumping skills. Plus, you can groom, feed, and form a strong bond with your off-road horses. When you want to relax, you can roam the countryside at your own pace.

Out of service mode

Title out of modeImage via Rockateer

Race to a fantastic arcade-style synthwave soundtrack with Outmode. Race through retro-futuristic beaches, cities, highways and more as you compete against legendary drivers. Each driver has unique abilities and stats, and you can get behind the wheel in first-person without a HUD or other normal camera angles. This neon runner is filled with different game modes, environments and more for your enjoyment.

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pocket wheels

Pocket wheelsImage by Florian Wolff

This 3D platformer literally reinvents the wheel as you play as a tiny car in Pocket Wheels. Drive around and explore the whole house, each room offers a different theme and track. Everyday objects look like huge obstacles to overcome, but luckily you have access to special abilities like jumping, sliding and grappling hook. Use them with your driving skills to get various collectibles and complete tasks.

thunder ray

Name Thunder RayImage via Purple Tree SRL

Hit, dodge, dance and dodge through the Thunder Beam as you take on twelve tough and bloody bosses. This boxing title will keep you on your toes, master the Thunder’s moves and lead him to victory in the biggest boxing tournament in the galaxy. Defeat all opponents and become the greatest boxer in the universe in this stylish arcade game.

Turbo golf course

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

Golf and racing collide in this action-packed game. Turbo Golf Racing challenges you to kick the ball into the goal before the competition. Use power-ups, slides and more as you throw the ball towards the target. But keep in mind that speed isn’t always the solution – sometimes it’s better to level your punch and land a tactful punch.

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Best Fishing Simulator 2

Best Fishing Simulator 2Image via master code

There is no better way to relax and unwind than Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. This is one of the most complete fishing games with realistic maps, fish and fishing methods. Become the world’s greatest fisherman, fish on different maps and catch all kinds of fish. Learn different types of patterns and the techniques needed to twist them.

edge of the world

NameImage via Bad Bones

Take part in fast-paced, high-octane combat races in Vergeworld. This game combines procedurally generated canyon tracks with airship customization, intense racing and more. Explore three alien biomes in retro graphics to an amazing synth soundtrack as you outrun rivals and engage in hellish battles.

You suck in the parking lot

You suck the name of the parking lotImage via Happy Volcano

You Suck at Parking brings a unique touch to the racing genre by actively encouraging you to stop. Compete against rivals in extreme parking where you have to race to get to your parking space first. Compete with other players to take first place and unlock cool and unique cosmetic items. There’s even a level editor to create the parking space of your dreams.

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