Best Platformers Steam Next Fest 2022

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Steam Next Fest is back and brings with it an incredible amount of upcoming indie games and demos. With so many games to discover, it can be difficult to catch them all. Below you will find our recommendations for the best platform games from Steam Next Fest – download them and check them out for yourself.

A little

Cub TitleImage via Demagog Studio

The Cub is a challenging, story-rich platformer reminiscent of the SEGA classics. Hand-drawn platformer with a delightful soundtrack tells the gripping story of a child abandoned to a shattered earth. As the rich return and try to capture you, you must guide the Cub on a difficult journey and avoid capture.

eyes in the dark

Image via reducer

Explore Bloom Manor as Victoria Bloom in Eyes in the Dark. Armed with the power of light, you must defeat the darkness that has engulfed the mansion. This roguelight game combines randomly generated levels with light platforming and combat to create a unique experience. Use your flashlight and various tools to defeat the dark creatures that are saving Bloom Manor.

frog rifle

Name of the frogImage via Molegato

Immerse yourself in a modern version of Frogun’s old-school platformer. You control Renata in a PS1/N64 era adventure as she explores mystical ruins in search of her missing parents. Luckily, you have your parents’ invention, Frogun, a frog-shaped grappling hook that will help you overcome platform difficulties and dangerous enemies in a variety of ways.

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ghost song

Ghost song titleImage via Old Moon

A haunted and desolate world awaits you in Ghost Song. Play as a dead suit awakening from a long slumber and explore the moon of Lorian in this atmospheric metroidvania. Explore twisting caverns and more to uncover Lorian’s many secrets. You’ll also get powerful weapons and upgrades to defeat various enemies on your journey by combining ranged and melee attacks.

Glow in the mirror

shines in the mirror nameImage via MapleDorm Games

Glimmer in Mirror is a story-rich metroidvania where you play as Shiro, a girl with amnesia, in a desert world. You will encounter various NPCs and monsters, some of them are amazing, some are less, but they are all unique. As you travel through beautiful forests and historic ruins, you’ll learn new skills and recruit companions that give you unique abilities to overcome platforming challenges and fight in different ways.

abyss of the heart

Abyss of the HeartImage via Deadmap

Heart Abyss takes place in the world of Holspeak, where humans and beastmen are at war. You play as multiple characters, including Leon and Ray, while simultaneously progressing through the story-packed Heart Abyss. Use elements of strategy and precise movements to survive in this war-torn world. Get ready to fight for your life in this dark 2D platformer.

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Scars of the Moon

Moon ScarsImage via Dark Siren

A world of haunting beauty and sinister beauty awaits you in Moon Scars. Play as the clay warrior Gray Irma in search of the Sculptor and discover your destiny in existence. Master Gray’s fighting skills and learn new abilities to defeat the merciless darkness and enemies who call him their master. Each trial and death will teach you a new lesson and bring you closer to the truth.

nine floors

Name of the nine floorsImage via RedCandleGames

Nine Sols combines taoism, cyberpunk, soul combat and hand-drawn art to create a unique and delightful game. Explore an abandoned kingdom inspired by Asian myths and culture as you slash, deflect and fight various enemies. Your goal is to take revenge and kill the Nine Sols who rule this world. Along the way, you will explore a vast world and discover many secrets and powerful weapons to help you in your quest.

Spirit and mouse

Title Spirit and MouseImage via Alblune

Explore the French village of Sainte-et-Clair in Spirit of the Mouse, a touching puzzle platformer. Lead Leela, a little mouse with a big heart, as she makes new friends and does good deeds for those in need. Spirit of the Mouse has a strong narrative that you unravel as you explore the village with electrical powers, solve puzzles, and help the villagers through various mini-games.

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