best game releases of the week #19 2022

As with new movies, most of which release in France on Wednesdays, new iOS games usually hit the App Store on Thursdays. Therefore, like every week, on this day we offer you A selection of the best new games for iPhone and iPad.

This new batch surely has some lovely gems to put in your mouth like the ones on the previous list that can be found there, such as the Chloe puzzle game that you can download there, Fly&Poop, available here, or even L ‘amour… the little things are available right in the App Store.

We present to you what we think is the highest quality. In any case, some games are free and can be easily tested. So don’t wait to make your own decision! Feel free to come back and follow us regularly so you don’t miss any news, including iOS games.

our choice


  • Description : RPG and action game set in a mythological universe with a modern twist. You can choose your heroes, each of which has certain skills. It is up to you to create the most complementary team in order to easily defeat all your enemies. Be careful, during the fights you have to show a good dose of thinking and plan your strategy in order to succeed.
  • We love : music from the game, highly publicized, an integral part of the Dislyte universe
  • Download link : here in the App Store

Emoji Arena

  • Description : fight against players from all over the world in this crazy shooter. Each avatar is a kind of smiley on legs, armed with a machine gun or rifle, tasked with taking out as many opponents as possible. The style is forbidden, the principle is persuasive. Many weapons can be unlocked, as well as several emoji characters. The graphics are well done too. Everything is exciting!
  • We love : most unusual tone
  • Download link : Download here

Super Citycon: City Builder 3D

  • Description : new city building simulation game in cute style. We applaud the work of developer Ben Willes, who offers us a very well finished game, but also and above all a tribute to the best games of the genre. Build commercial, residential and industrial areas, manage water and electricity, protect your neighborhoods from fires, insecurity and disease, and develop the most beautiful city on maps of unlimited size! Over 150 buildings can be unlocked in different styles.
  • We love : a city simulator worthy of its genre, well made and beautiful, we missed it!
  • Download link : available here on the App Store

Aero Fighters 2 aka Neogeo

  • Description : Immerse yourself in this game that was released on consoles almost 30 years ago. You control a heavily armed aircraft and must destroy as many enemies as possible during your missions. This shooting game is played in vertical progression, all in 2D, and despite its age, it still feels as addictive as ever! And it’s not just about actions. Embark on an exciting adventure with different endings
  • We love : benchmark in 2D vertical shooter. The genre is also particularly well suited to mobile phones and touch screens.
  • Download link : here in the app store

ShellShock Live

  • Description : 2D precision game. You control a tank and your mission is to destroy enemy tanks. To do this, you have a complete arsenal. The developer announces more than 250 different types of weapons! You can upgrade your tank and also unlock other tank models. Solo mode required, as well as online multiplayer, for team matches or every man for himself
  • We love : explosive game with a simple principle, but addictive
  • Download link : meet you here

Have you tested the new features, rated them or not, feel free to share your feedback with the community in the comments! is the official app of

Author: Keleops AG