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Apex Legends Mobile launched a new battle pass last week, and with it came a familiar face: Loba, the fashion thief who arrived with a new collection of icy cosmetics called Glacial Games. Glacial Games is the latest Arsenal Drop to hit the mobile battle royale in-game store since the launch of Cold Snap.

Arsenal Drop is a new feature unique to Apex Mobile, and while they may look like your standard premium skin collections, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Arsenal Drops with 20 exclusive mobile cosmetics is not your collection of high quality skins. Instead, players purchase loot crates (not to be confused with Apex Packs or loot containers found in matches) with varying amounts of Syndicate Gold, the mobile game’s premium currency. But these boxes don’t work like the Apex themed packs found in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends – it’s a little more than just opening the box and getting one of 20 exclusive cosmetic items. Here’s a guide to all the goodies included in this Arsenal Drop and a breakdown of how much players will have to shell out to get their desired skins.

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Chances and prizes

Each individual cosmetic has a different chance of being unlocked, depending on where it sits on the six-level loot honeycomb list. Each cosmetic product is located in one of six horizontal rows. When players purchase a loot box, they will see various cosmetic items light up until the prize is randomly selected from the 20 available cosmetics. Cosmetics in the higher ranks are much less likely to be obtained than those in the lower ranks. Here is a summary of each tier’s loot and your chances of unlocking cosmetics from that row.

Sixth row (bottom): 50%

  • Raise Your Flag Emoticon Pack featuring Loba (Epic)
  • Holospray Snowball Fight with Mirage (Epic)
  • I watch your ghost spray (epic)
  • Warning emoji set with Pathfinder (Epic)

Fifth row: 33%

  • Forehead skin smooth as ice (rare)
  • Wolf Sculpture Loba Banner Frame (Epic)
  • Streamlined Snowball Frame (Epic)
  • Skin Pathfinder Freestyle (Rare)

Line four: 10%

  • Respectful Bloodhound Banner Posture (Rare)
  • G7 Scout Fresh Powder Skin (Rare)
  • Flight of the Champion Longbow Skin (Rare)
  • Caught raising the Bangalore banner (rare)

Line three: 5%

  • Winter Fury Loba Skin (Epic)
  • Electrifying Skin Finish Havoc (Epic)
  • Triple Take Ski Jump Skin (Epic)
  • Diamond Drive Pathfinder Skin (Epic)

Second row: 1.5%

  • Ice Arena Generator Skin (Legendary)
  • Skin Big Air R-99 (Legendary)

First row: 0.5%

  • Loba Mountain Dominance Skin (Legendary)
  • Prone Shredder Pathfinder Skin (Legendary)
Glacial Games Arsenal Price and odds reduction

There are no duplicates, so by unlocking a whole row of cosmetics, you will increase your chances of unlocking a cosmetic from other rows. At first glance, it seems simple enough, but there is a catch (well, there are several of them). First, while the Arsenal Drop page itself lists the above probabilities for each row, clicking on the question mark in the top left corner of the Arsenal Drop page will give you instructions that include values ​​for each row that differ from the ratings shown. on the main page, and instead specify the following:

  • First row: 1%
  • Second line: 3%
  • Line three: 5%
  • Line four: 10%
  • Fifth row: 31%
  • Sixth line: 50%

The directions show higher odds for every row except row six, so players may have better odds than they seem. But it is equally possible that the text in the instructions is incorrect or has not yet been updated to reflect the odds displayed on the Arsenal Drop page itself.


Another problem is that the cost of loot boxes increases with each purchase. Your first loot box will only cost you 45 syndicate gold (around $0.50), but the price will only go up from there. Here’s how much each loot box will cost:

  • Crate #1: 45 SG
  • Crate #2: 65 SG
  • Crate #3: 100 SG
  • Crate #4: 120 SG
  • Crate #5: 150 SG
  • Crate #6: 250 SG
  • Crate #7: 350 SG
  • Crate #8: 450 SG
  • Crate #9: 550 SG
  • Crate #10: 650 SG
  • Crate #11: 750 SG
  • Crate #12: 850 SG
  • Crate #13: 950 SG
  • Drawer #14: 1050 SG
  • Box #15: 1150 SG
  • Crate #16: 1250 SG
  • Crate #17: 1400 SG
  • Crate #18: 1600 SG
  • Crate #19: 1800 SG
  • Crate #20: 2300 SG

This means players who want the entire cosmetic collection will need 15,830 Syndicate Gold. The total amount to buy all 20 loot boxes is around $159, but you can’t buy any of the Syndicate Gold pieces as they come in packs ranging from $3 for 280 SG to $100 for 9,365 SG (larger prizes come with bonus coins – the larger the purchase, the more bonus coins you will receive). Syndicate Gold sets are currently available in the store, so purchasing all 20 items in the collection will set you back approximately $175.

Unlike the collectible events seen in Apex on consoles and PC, Arsenal Drops in Apex Legends Mobile do not reward players for collecting all 20 items with a special skin or heirloom weapon, so once you get all the skins you hoped for in this is not necessary. buy the rest of the collection. The Glacial Games Arsenal Drop will be available in the Emporium section of the in-game store for 12 days, giving players plenty of time to decide how many loot boxes they want to purchase.

Apex Legends Mobile is available to download on iOS and Android.

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