All subsequent VR games for 2022-2023 (Summer Game Fest and others): F1 22, Hellsweeper, What the Bat? etc. (trailers)

Summer Game Fest has been rich in announcements of new VR games for the next 6 months of 2022, not to mention that some studios have taken advantage of the event to announce news of their game in development. There are beautiful people on the balcony, from F1 2022, which can be played in VR, to the next mod for Half Life Alyx and a large number of games for Meta Quest 2. A small digression through the virtual meal:

First time PC version F1 22 will be playable in VR. The layout of the Montreal circuit unfolds before our astonished eyes, and we can hardly imagine which foot you need to be to really feel in the cockpit. F1 22 will release on July 1, 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Sairento Devs Introduce Meta Quest Version Very Pissed Off Hell cleaner, which is a bit like the “++ giga better” formula of their previous crazy FPS. The Meta Quest version is coming soon.

What is a bat? is undoubtedly our big favorite in VR at Summer Game Fest. This game with a crazy atmosphere offers us a lot of wacky mini-games that require the use of baseball bats every time! The game will be released in 2022 on Meta Quest.

Among Us VR still showing gameplay and it’s really promising. This multiplayer game, which had its own “iconic” moment, will be available in VR on Meta Quest and PCVR at the end of the year, and on PSVR 2 a little later.

Killer Frequency is the first VR game from the famous studio Team 17. The teaser reveals too little, but still makes it clear that we can deal with a terrible adventure game.

Arrogance, is a kind of PCVR game that will bring your fresh graphics card to its knees. It’s stunningly beautiful, even if gameplay frankly, it seems a little bland. Oddly enough, the game is expected before the end of the year on PCVR, as well as on Meta Quest 2 (the graphical twist promises to be epic).

Another multiplayer FPS for that Request which is heavily inspired by The Walking Dead. in gameplay seems really beautiful and rich enough for the genre, but everything starts to lack freshness. No release date has been announced for this game yet, it will be released on PCVR and Meta Quest.

With his sober and inspirational DA, broken age already stands out from the large mass of VR games presented during the Summer Games Fest. This duel game allows two players to compete in an arena with sharp weapons, each more deadly than the other. The release is expected in 2022 on PCVR and Meta Quest.

Half-life of Alyx is entitled to a new unofficial (but excellent) mod called Levitation. New x levels, increased freedom of movement make this mod indispensable… for a game that is no less important. The Levitation mod will be available in a few weeks.

Final Fury is a fighting game version 3.0. This arena duel game will be heavily arcade oriented. gameplay. Interesting… Final Fury is one of the few games on this list that will be released next year.

NERF Absolute World Championship is a multiplayer first-person shooter with a competitive arena in which players are armed with virtual replicas of NERF toy weapons. We were wary of an excuse title just to sell NERF, but really no, the game seems really good. NERF Ultimate Championship World will take place on August 25 in Meta Quest and PCVR.

Our other favorite Twilight Zone VR, a horror/fantasy adventure game made up of three separate stories, each of which seems to be designed to scare us to death. The game will release on July 14 on Meta Quest 2 and later on PSVR.

A shooter with a very crazy atmosphere, Mother Weapon Forge will place the player at the helm of a rearmed ‘Mech who will have to deal with volleys of excited enemies. For specialists in reflex games. Mothergunship Forge will be available soon on PCVR and Meta Quest 2.

Liminal phasewe don’t really know what it is, but a priori, this upcoming Steam VR game should once again immerse us in an atmosphere in which Severance will look like a course with signs.