All God Of War games rated by IMDb

in god of War the series will return in full swing with the release of God of War Ragnarok sometime in 2022. The following entry is positioned as the final part of the story of Kratos, which began in 2005. It’s not yet known if this is actually the finale, but fans know that the games have brought entertainment, ranging from the vengeful tale of god of war 3 action-heavy God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Fyears on IMDb posted thousands of ratings for god of War games, identifying which ones are the most popular. Because they are based on voter data around the world, there is no doubt that the IMDb score reflects the average god of War this is considered by fans to be the highest rating for each installment so far.

eight God of War: Betrayal (2007) – 6.5

God of War: Betrayal is a mobile game interquel set during the time when Kratos was the god of war. It’s a side-scroller that supports the action-packed aspect of things, and Kratos has several combos that can be used against enemies. The story focuses on how Kratos finds Argo’s killer because he has been framed for the murder.

It was surprisingly positively received by critics, who praised Treason be an addictive mobile game. However, players had a more ambiguous outlook on things due to gameplay limitations. Many of the same enemies appear on the screen, and only a few combos are effective. The story is an attractive factor here, as fans can find another chapter in the Kratos saga.

7 God of War: Ascension (2013) – 7.8

Few critics consider it one of the best god of War the games are made since the prequel has a rather useless plot. Ascension God of War concerns Kratos’ attempt to free himself from his blood oath to Ares when the protagonist has to confront the Furies to claim his freedom.

The lack of variety in gameplay is another reason for the indifferent reaction from fans. ascent play like anyone else god of War title and has much lower rates. It is designed purely for the entertainment of series fans who enjoy repetitive style mainly due to the creative brutality that can be found.

6 God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008) – 8.4

The first prequel was very well received at the time of its release as there were no AAA titles on the PSP. God of War: Chains of Olympus it doesn’t have a lot of big action, but it does have a touching story that sees Kratos reunited with his daughter in the afterlife before he has to leave it.

Chains of OlympusThe lack of weapons can be a downside for those who prefer more fast-paced gameplay, but the increased difficulty and powerful bosses create a new challenge in and of themselves. It’s a completely airy installment in the series that can be completed in one go, making it a great choice for fans who want to play. god of War wherever they can.

5 God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010) – 8.5

Deimos is a prominent tragic figure in god of War series for being taken as a child and held prisoner by the god of death until he was an adult. The mission to save Deimos is the backdrop for God of War: Ghost of Spartathis is another prequel set during Kratos’ time as God.

Contrary to Chains of Olympusthis portable feature includes high-profile action sequences that players must complete in order to kill the bosses. Ghost of Sparta leans more towards combat gameplay than platforming and puzzles, which can be both great and a bit frustrating depending on a particular player’s preferred play style.

4 God of War III (2010) – 9.1

The latest entry in the original series brought some of the toughest god of War bosses to fight, which was a rewarding experience. Fans were generally happy with how the story ended, as Kratos got his revenge on Zeus and left the power of hope to the people he unintentionally hurt in his quest.

The game has a heavy atmosphere where players must be on the lookout and ready to take on powerful enemies at every turn. With a wide variety of weapons and magic, there is nothing to complain about when it comes to combat. Some felt that Kratos’ character development came a little late, but that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.

3 God of War (2005) – 9.1

The original episode remains highly regarded because it has aged beautifully. His technical accomplishments remain impressive, with players traversing Pandora’s incredibly crafted temple in search of Kratos in order to gain the god’s power to fight Ares. There are very few bosses in the game, but this does not seem to be a problem when the average enemy puts in a lot of effort to destroy.

The platforming is arguably the best in the series, and Pandora’s Temple seems like a great achievement by the game’s developers, hiding so many secrets around every corner. His simple story of revenge makes god of War suitable for multiple playthroughs as the story does not hold back players.

2 God of War 2 (2007) – 9.2

The second entry took an aspect of Greek mythology from god of War longer games where Kratos searches for the Sisters of Doom to find a way to fight Zeus. Although the gameplay is similar to the first game, god of war 2 has a lot of depth in its environment where players can find a combination of action, puzzle-solving and platforming.

The addition of multiple boss fights has been widely praised, especially for the difference between one and the other. god of war 2 raised the stakes for the series to include several other gods. With features like pegasus riding or pillar jumping platforming, the game’s variety remains a class above the rest.

one God of War (2018) – 9.6

The revival of the series went in new directions, featuring a Scandinavian setting with Kratos’ son Atreus as the protagonist. The change in gameplay from a fixed camera perspective to an over-the-shoulder point of view and a closer combat style changed the design. god of War formula.

The game is the most story-driven so far, as Kratos has to communicate with his son as they travel to Jotunheim to scatter the ashes of Atreus’ mother. This heartfelt turn is the main reason why god of War considered the best of the series.