A Plague Tale: Requiem preview, we’ve been bitten by Asobo’s adventure game. Our first impressions

Preview In Plague Tale: Requiem, we’ve been bitten by Asobo’s adventure game. Our first impressions

Shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, A Plague Tale: Requiem was revealed through a short demo. We have the opportunity to find Amicia and Hugo, this time in the context of medieval Provence. Don’t think they were on vacation to bask on pills, the duo had a lot of issues to work through. We share with you our first impressions of this epic that once again puts rats in the spotlight.

A green mouse running through the grass… of Provence

It was in May 2019 that a certain A Plague Tale: Innocence came out of the Asobo Studios nest. It was during this time that the Bordeaux-based developer, best known for having a hand in some products like ReCore or The Crew, saw his talent recognized around the world. More than three years later, we find Amicia, Hugo, and Lucas, as well as swarms of voracious rats, in the demo of A Plague Tale: Requiem, a direct sequel to the first. We were able to advance in the third chapter of the game called “burden of blood“, which we could translate as “burden of blood“. In this sequence, Amicia is forced to leave Hugo with the alchemist. Unfortunately, the little boy does not seem to be responding well to his prescribed treatment..

In Plague Tale: Requiem, we've been bitten by Asobo's adventure game.  Our first impressions

Amicia and Lucas are on a nightshade harvesting mission to calm a young adventurer’s crisis. On paper, the mission is simple: find the herbalist who is in the suburbs and return to deliver medicinal plants. But there ishitch”, or rather, squeaks. The rat waves from the first episode are back and sow terror in the streets of the city. Even worse, the hostile guards don’t hesitate to brandish their spears as soon as they see them.

Mechanics that mature in the sun

In Plague Tale: Requiem, we've been bitten by Asobo's adventure game.  Our first impressions

A Plague Tale: Requiem does not seem to violate either its game mechanics or its overall structure. Surely knowing that he had a somewhat uncut gem in his hands, the Bordeaux studio chose to polish it rather than rely on another stone.. During our demonstration, he was asked to get through swarms of rats while avoiding the soldiers. Falling food attracts rodents, and extinguishing guards’ flames turns guards into leg meat, highly prized by rodents. As in the first part, Amicia has different items such as a slingshot and pots to achieve her goals. Using this material, she can distract guards, injure them, or light a life-saving torch. The crossbow is also included in this set.

Starting with Innocence, the interface has been redesigned. At any time, the player can display a weapon selection wheel (slingshot, pots, etc.) and each weapon can be equipped with an ammo type to craft (incendiary, smoke, etc.). This process allows you to quickly adapt to situations.. Because if the formula stays close to what we experienced with Innocence, everything has grown. There are more sets, more options, and all levels of gameplay have become deeper. Often there are multiple solutions to a problem, especially in soldier-infested arenas where tall grass, sacks of saltpeter, rats, and ammo are plentiful. Below are two warriors with torches surrounded by rats? Why not mix a pot with saltpeter and thus create a smoke “bomb” that will extinguish the flame, and, consequently, the lives of two unfortunate people?

In Plague Tale: Requiem, we've been bitten by Asobo's adventure game.  Our first impressionsIn Plague Tale: Requiem, we've been bitten by Asobo's adventure game.  Our first impressions

Of course, infiltration is always encouraged to achieve one’s goals, but the little mouse that was Amicia in the first adventure has given way to a predator that strikes back.. Without turning into a medieval Lara Croft, Amicia is more comfortable than before facing her human opponents. Already, being spotted by a squad is no longer necessarily synonymous with resetting a checkpoint. Flight is possible, as well as breaking the line of sight of opponents in order to better hide. In case of close combat, Amicia can attempt to counterattack by simply stabbing her pursuer if the young heroine has a knife in her inventory. This is the last decision, like in The Last of Us or the Resident Evil remake. In addition, an enemy who gets too close can also be burned with a correctly thrown torch: this is handy!

shiny coat

In Plague Tale: Requiem, we've been bitten by Asobo's adventure game.  Our first impressions

Although we ran part of the demo through Parsec, which means right in the cloud, there was something to be impressed with the graphics of A Plague Tale: Requiem. The textures are very detailed, the vegetation curves as the protagonists progress, the faces are more expressive than in 2019. Overall the lighting is more accurate and the animations seem to be more numerous for a result that flatters the retina even if patched.next generation” has already improved Innocence well. However, we do have minor reservations about the level design, which is not always very clear or leads to misleading conclusions, such as when crates with white lids suggest they can be climbed when they can’t. Olivier Derivière’s compositions are again fantastic and add a few grams of sophistication to this brutal world.

Our impressions

When we tested A Plague Tale: Innocence, we explained that the potion Asobo concocted only lacks a few drops of perfection to set fire to the whole earth. These few drops may have been found by the Bordeaux studio in their pots, which are used to come up with gameplay. Bigger, prettier and more experimental, A Plague Tale: Requiem seems to have all the plants it needs in its herbarium to lift us up forever when it lands this year. As a reminder, the Asobo title will be available from the day it launches on Game Pass.

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