9 New Nintendo Switch Games Announced or Planned

Elsie is a Run and Gun game with a RogueLike mechanic coming to Nintendo Switch at an unspecified date.

hell pie is a 3D platform game billed as “In the Mind of Conker?”, which is expected to hit the July 21, 2022

Hell Pie is a raunchy 3D platformer that takes bad taste to the next level! The game puts you in the shoes of Nate, the “demon of bad taste”. His noble mission is to gather the disgusting ingredients needed to bake the infamous Satan’s birthday cake. To do this, Nate must go to the earthly realm and do everything to collect the ingredients in time, otherwise it will be hell!

Luckily, Nate doesn’t go on this journey alone, his “tamed” angel Nugget is ready to help him. The Nugget always gives divine advice when the time is right, but most importantly, Nate ties him to the end of a chain, allowing him to use the Nugget as a grappling hook or swing him to use as a weapon. Nate can also use the horns he finds while traveling the world to equip himself with new infernal skills.

Together, Nate and the Nugget will explore a crazy environment, encounter a host of nasty characters, and witness some truly shocking scenes. Hell Pie offers a totally crazy take on the classic pet platformer. So, go on an adventure if you think you have the guts!

Please touch the artwork is a puzzle game coming to Nintendo Switch later this summer.

There are 160 paintings (2-3 hours of gameplay) scattered across 3 unique decks.
The first game tells the origin story of pure abstract art. This is a challenging puzzle game in which you will be adding colors and lines to the canvas to create abstract paintings.

In the 2nd game, you will move to a big city only to be overwhelmed by a whole bunch of emotions. You will explore the maze of New York by collecting the words of the poem.

In Game 3, you’ll help Boogie and Woogie, 2 squares who just want to be together, by discovering how obstacles affect Woogie’s path in an increasingly complex society.

cocoonnext game Jeppe Carlsen (Who was responsible for gameplay on Limbo and Inside) announced for Nintendo Switch in 2023. It’s about an adventure through “worlds between worlds”. It will be necessary to master the jumps between the worlds in order to uncover the cosmic mystery…

Decarnation is a horror adventure game expected next year

Decarnation: A game where horror and adventure alternate in a breathtaking rhythm, a phantasmagoric universe invading reality. Explore terrifying and majestic twists, solve cryptic puzzles and fight monsters straight from the dark corners of your soul.

Inhuman is a pixel platform shooter slated for release in late 2022.

Greek tragedy is a survival horror game in a retro style (PS1-style, somewhat reminiscent of fear effect).

Greek Tragedy is a retro indie horror game with puzzles. Help Amy stay alive on a cult-taken college campus and try to save her boyfriend. Uncover plots, sabotage occult rituals and flee! PS1 nostalgic aesthetic included.

Whatever is an isometric game that challenges you to control a cargo ship. Inspired by real events with a touch of humor. Guide the giant cargo ship through the small canal… Will the task be easy?

Do you remember this ship? Have you ever wondered how the captain wrecked it, or how hard it was to navigate this tub through the canal? Well, so am I!

No matter how I try to answer these questions and satisfy my curiosity.
You will cry and finally realize how wonderful every cargo ship captain really is.

the fall outside also announced for the end of 2022

FALLING OUT is a charming, light and accessible 2D roguelite adventure.
Take control of two random adventurers as you explore ancient kingdoms, find treasure (beware of traps!) and stumble upon Azar, a merchant just as lost as you. Gather items to create strange weapons and useful items to help you travel the world on this unplanned journey.

It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday, but forget about your itinerary, because now you will have to choose your own path. Navigate through procedurally generated levels that strike the perfect balance between risk and reward. Help Giorgio and Felici overcome their differences and work as a team, alone or together. Whichever way you play, you’ll need to work together to overcome unique obstacles and challenges scattered throughout the world.