8 Crazy Things Video Games Are Blamed For

Anyone who has spent a little (too much?) video game watching time heard stupid claims about it. We propose to implement today review of the most ridiculous things that video games are accused of. The Ultimate Proof That Games Really Blamed all evil since their inception.

1) Video games are accused of causing ADHD.

“You spend so much time on this game that you can’t concentrate anymore!”it’s a phrase that gamers are used to hearing from parents. And yet without concentration it is impossible to finish ancient ring, you can trust us. However: Because many games use fast motion, explosive graphics, and fast-paced images, some people have come to the conclusion that they cause ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), a fairly common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by constant difficulties in modulate attention.

Currently, numerous studies show that there is no causal relationship between video games and ADHD. medical workers right now are teaming up with video game developers to work on games that would definitely treat ADHD. Bad press that really has no reason to be, this time around.

2) Video games are accused of promoting devil worship.

In the 1980ssome parents have got it into their heads that video games encourage kids give up Jesus to worship the devil (and although this is a board game and not a video game, we have a good illustration of this in the last season very strange things). games like rock contributed to the development of what was later called “satanic panic”while most games containing devils and demons presented these creatures as enemies.

This hasn’t stopped some conservatives and conspiracy theorists from wanting to prove their theories. A user named TomButcher on Imgur has “analyzed” a piece of the game’s soundtrack in the past. rock called “Cyberdemon” which would show pentagrams and the number 666 when the audio frequencies of sound are visualized using a spectrogram. Whole program !

3) Video games are being blamed for the rise in divorce rates.

I play regularly There are video games has been put forward by some as an explanation for many failed marriages. There were 200 divorce applications in the UK containing the term “Fortnitealready identified. Some people complain about their spouse’s addiction to video games (for example, Fortnite in this particular case). Obviously, gambling addiction exists and should be treated in the best possible way, like any other addiction, but at the same time, most players are not drug addicts.

Reasons for divorcethe blame for games is usually due to neglect or the search for moments of solitude. In other words, it may well be that there is a major problem that needs to be addressedand that the video game is only a visible sign of the latter.

4) Video games are being blamed for the increase in violence.

When you started reading this article, you knew very well that this paragraph would appear sooner or later. With a flood of gun violence in the United States and the rise of gambling as a major pastime, many people have tried to grasp the connection. However, he claims that video games desensitize young people completely unfounded. Vanessa Lalo, clinical psychologist and digital behavior specialist, echoed in 2019 on behalf of Radio France. Question “Video games make you violent?”, last replied :

Video games are not violent. In any case, studies do not show a causal relationship between gambling and aggressive behavior.

5) Video games are accused of causing anxiety and depression in gamers.

So, this statement can be true if you play regularly. League of Legends. But in the vast majority of cases, video game cannot be held responsible, in itself, a depressive episode. It can also be a vector of links, vice versa! Finding a group of friends to play online really promotes sense of belonging to a groupwhich helps to alleviate the anxiety and feelings of loneliness that can be experienced at different periods of life.

New research is constantly being published on the benefits of games for combating depression. Proved that games can reduce depressive ruminations and improve subjective cognitive ability. However, don’t think that your doctor will give you the day off to gamble. on game console if you talk to him about your daily annoyance.

6. Video games are accused of promoting rickets.

rickets A growth and ossification disease seen in infants and young children. It is characterized by insufficient calcification of bones and cartilage and is due to a lack of vitamin D and calcium. This deficiency is mainly due to lack of sun exposure (ultraviolet radiation) and, more importantly, nutritional deficiencies.

And despite the fact that the cause of the disease is known, some people blame video games for the resurgence of the disease in Britain. Video game critics say the best way to fight rickets is to get out into the daylight. fill with vitamin D. And video games would have a direct impact on the fact that children would no longer go out. Bad logic than that, no ?

7) Video Games Contribute to Bad Driving

Poll conducted by Sue Waterfield per young driver revealed the following results: out of 1,000 motorists surveyed, 47% of respondents believe that video games are directly responsible for biased and dangerous view of driving by young drivers, by making “cooler bad driving behavior”. Sue Waterfield commented on these results by writing:

It’s worrying that younger drivers believe that dangerous driving is cool and doesn’t matter, knowing that their brains don’t necessarily see risk the way older drivers do.

Although no study has confirmed this, study conducted in 2016 and appeared in psychological science on the contrary, it suggests that gamers usually manage to learn to drive a car faster than beginners. The gamers actually got trained in Mario Kart, while the second group just played Rollercoaster Tycoon IIIstrategy game, and the results of the study were clear: after ten one-hour sessions, players Rollercoaster Tycoon III showed no noticeable improvement while Mario Kart players made significant progress from 5 hours of practice. If you want to get a license soon, you know what to do!

8) video games promote interspecies love and unbridled sexuality

This curious accusation was basically made against mass effect. As you no doubt know, the franchise allows you to learn about other extraterrestrial civilizations, and romantic relationships emerge from those interactions. Thus, it was discussed on Fox News in 2008 that this type of game “will promote depraved sexuality”, since that would highlight “interspecies love” (read love with aliens). There was a lot of noise over trifles, considering that the sex scenes in mass effect lasts for a maximum of a few moments when the characters start kissing before the screen goes black, give free rein to the imagination.

And what does the latest research say about this topic?

Brain plasticity is the subject of much attention. And that’s great news for gamers! Recent research from the University of Geneva shows that action and shooting games improve certain functions of our gray matter. Bavelier, who gave a lecture on this subject, showed that games improve eyesight and even improve the safety of drivers on the road. The most interesting thing is that games help us become more multitasking. Research also shows that games can greatly improve puzzle solving … Therefore, his bad reputation, which for some time (and fortunately) tends to change, does not really exist. this proves once again.

And if you want to know top 10 scandals that have revolved around video games throughout history, you can check out our previous dossier on the subject.