7 Totally WTF Games Available on Xbox Series and Xbox One

Game news 7 Totally WTF Games Available on Xbox Series and Xbox One

Want a moment of relaxation without any logic? That’s good, because JV has compiled a selection of 7 WTF games available on Xbox Series and Xbox One.


  • cake
  • Golf legends
  • goat simulator
  • rubber bandits
  • WEEEER Simulator
  • I’m a fish
  • skateboard


AT cake , four bakeries compete in a series of mini-games and fights. You must fight to become the most powerful cake. Whether you’re a cupcake or a carver, you have every chance of winning the candy tossing game or the marshmallow baking race. It is also possible to add personalization elements with restored upholstery. The structure of this game is quite classic, it is the scenery and stupid characters that can be qualified as WTF. “Cake Bash is a gourmet game that can be played without moderation.

Golf legends

Golf legends it’s not just a game of golf, it’s an “incredible” journey to save the sport. Indeed, an evil force has sealed every golf hole in the world. It is this story that contributes to the WTF side of the game. The rest is quite nice, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of graphics. RPGolf really takes the basics of classic pixel RPGs with dungeons full of enemies, fishing and quests. However, golf isn’t just there to look pretty, because you can obviously also play it to get ahead in your adventures.

goat simulator

goat simulator is one of the benchmark games when it comes to entering the WTF. It’s very simple: you control a goat whose sole purpose is to cause harm. It’s not very difficult, as a simple somersault is enough to break the bricks. It is also possible to go into the sky and even deliberately bang a backup. As with most games of this type, the physics aren’t true, but that’s what gives it its charm and complexity. To be even more destructive, you can play with up to four players and destroy everything that happens. Get ready for hours of absolutely WTF fun.

rubber bandits

rubber bandits is a multiplayer game with similar physics to Gang Beast. Up to four people can play in six different game modes. The goal is simple: steal, destroy and capture as much money as possible. The criminals are colorful and they all use crazy weapons. Your friends have the same goal as you. Therefore, you will have to keep them away from you thanks to your equipment or your luck. Indeed, since the character physics are fairly random, you’ll quickly find yourself frolicking unintentionally.

WEEEER Simulator

A bit like a goat simulator, DEEEER Simulator: Regular day to day deer game can control a deer. However, this one does not live in the forest, but walks around the city in a completely unpredictable way. He has another feature: he can overextend his limbs to cling to walls. But be careful with excesses, because if there is too much damage, the police will come to take care of you. Luckily, you are armed with your horns, which have now turned into revolvers, to protect you. And if the police are too fast, you can turn into a motorcycle or take on an anthropomorphic form to fight them head-on.

I’m a fish

You are a simple little goldfish locked in your bowl, but you have big ambitions: to escape. To do this, you will have to jump, roll and slide, trying not to turn the aquarium over. You can embody several fish that have their own characteristics, such as puffer fish, which can inflate and deflate. Flying fish can hover. To get to the sea, you need to dodge cars and slide down ramps. Because this type of game requires I’m a fish physics strawberry. Therefore, it will be very difficult to achieve your goal, especially with obstacles in your way.


Have you ever seen a bird ride a skateboard? FROM SkateBird, it’s done. You don’t just roll: the bird can do all sorts of tricks. Because of your small size, you cannot walk on the same ground as people, but on the other hand, staplers, tables and pieces of cardboard are yours. The more you use the skateboard, the stronger you become, which will attract other skateboard loving birds. You will have to beat them to stay the best, after which these same birds will lead you to the next opponent. You can customize your pet and even record secret mixtapes with never-before-seen bird hip-hop tracks.

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