6 Switch Games of the Week You Can’t Miss

Game news 6 Switch Games of the Week You Can’t Miss

Like every week, the Switch catalog has plenty of sweet surprises in store for us to transcribe here at JV. Because a lot of games come out on the Japanese company’s hybrid console. The program includes action, rogue-lite and 2D adventure games. Let’s go to !

Rise of the Eiyuden Chronicle

We’re getting straight to the point with Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, a rather anticipated action RPG because it takes place in the same universe as Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, a JRPG developed by Suikoden license veterans. The latest game was recently pushed back to 2023, and to wait, the developers have laid bare this action-focused spin-off. We already had the opportunity to get to know him last March during a preview. Back then it was hard to comment on the qualities of a title that offers nice 2D/3D visuals, dynamic battles and many playable characters. We will also talk about building your own city. So we’re waiting to see what this brings, but it all seems pretty promising.

  • Date of issue : May 10, 2022 (Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series via Game Pass)

Fountain of Madness

Months after its Early Access release, rogue-lite Source of Madness is finally out in full on PC, consoles and Nintendo Switch. There’s something that quickly grabs your attention about this game, and that’s the art direction, especially the dark and stylized ones inspired by Lovecraft’s universe. “Incarnate a new student, embark on a nightmarish odyssey. Uncover the cosmic mysteries of Marl Earth and the Tower of Madness, the mysterious Citadel of the Moon,” reads the project’s Steam page. More than levels the bosses themselves are randomly generated. Lots of intrigue. To start the board, we finally have some promising magic-based gameplay. Try quickly.

  • Date of issue : May 11, 2022 (Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series)

flippin cactus

In a completely different genre, here flippin cactus, a fast-paced 2D action game where you play – yes – a cactus. And also to say that the hero was stung by revenge. At night, a drug cartel arrives at his home and kidnaps his entire family. So don’t stand still and do nothing. Flippin Kaktus offers very dynamic fights., comparable to the excellent BroForce. We also find good old-school visuals, as it should be, with a whole host of effects when the action is in full swing. Obviously, you can charge in a bunch and destroy everything, even with the rage mode. But there is also plenty of room for a more cautious approach. A title that seems quirky and well executed.

  • Date of issue : May 12, 2022 (Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series)

Rogue Lords

For this other title, we return to hell and a rogue universe, more precisely, under the control of the devil himself, with Rogue Lords. But we’re here in a procedural game and with turn-based combat, which brings it closer to Slay the Spire. Above all, you can change some of the rules of the game. No wonder you are the devil! Thus, the lord of darkness seeks revenge on the demon hunters who destroyed him many years ago thanks to his students. Thus, it is necessary to take care of the correct choice of the latter in order to create a powerful synergistic effect. You can even sacrifice some of your life force and manipulate the game interface for a few moments. Solid 15/20.

  • Date of issue : May 12, 2022 (Available on PC, Xbox One and PS4)

Dredrock Dungeons

With a very good scent of nostalgia, Dredrock Dungeons is set to land on Switch upon release on PC, iOS, and Android. Aside from its aesthetic, which immediately makes you think of Zelda, the game is actually real-time grid-based dungeon crawler. It’s like taking, for example, Legend of Grimrock, but with a top view. You have to move box after box through hundreds of levels, fight monsters, solve puzzles, find a way out. Of course, as you progress through the rooms will become more and more difficult. But your missing brother is worth it! On Steam or on mobile, Dungeons of Dread Rock is getting good reviews. Hopeful sign.

  • Date of issue : May 12, 2022 (Available on PC, iOS and Android)

Vesper Zero Light Edition

Finally, we end this selection with Vesper Zero Light Editioncoming to PC and Nintendo Switch on May 12th. This is an improved version of Vesper, the side-scrolling adventure game released last year. For the occasion, Cordens Interactive has updated the puzzles and level design, added a few models, and even reworked the gameplay a bit. Otherwise, we take the same and start again: colorful and mesmerizing visual effects Serve the adventures of a little robot who got lost on a planet full of dangers. Thus, you will often have to hide and run from alien creatures. But it will also be possible to absorb the light and take control of certain enemies. What to envy!

  • Date of issue : May 12, 2022 (available on PC)

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