5 good reasons to go to the Ludinam Games Festival

This weekend, from 6 to 8 May 2022, several iconic locations in the center of Besançon (Doubs) are hosting numerous events offered by Collectif LUdique Bisontin and its partners. Board games, cosplay competition, quest, improvisational show, fun in all its manifestations. And there will be something for every age and taste.

For three days, the numerous events of the Ludinam festival will take place in six locations in the heart of the Besançon Loop. The opportunity to discover or rediscover these places while having fun.

While the small Kursaal will host the shows offered by the Du Bitume et des Plumes festival and the cosplay competition, the large Kursaal will become a gaming paradise, offering role-playing games, figurine games and board games. Many publishers will be present, international giants such as Ravensburger or Cartamundi, as well as local ones such as Hitandshot or Funnyfox.

At Place Granvelle, located next to the Kursaal, visitors can try their hand at trolley (a sports and fun discipline practiced in a medieval-fantasy environment of life-size role-playing games), several quests, medieval archery. archway, giant games and puzzle trail.

The Granvelle school will become a playground for the little ones. It will house the Ludimôme space, specially designed for children, with board games, skills development games and early learning games, among other things.

There is an escape box in the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology. A careful visit to the exhibition will allow novice researchers to unravel the mysteries of a strange box, removed from the museum’s stocks.

The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Besançon will be a place for life-size role-playing games.

Finally, the Grammont space will host a cosplay booth, a video game animation, an ET photo booth, Clash of Planchettes (castle building in a droplet), a HIT&SHOT game, a Bros super-major tournament, an interactive touch device, and an Anaximore streamer that will make live reconstruction of the monument in Besançon on Minecraft.

For the first time, the organizers decided to determine the theme of the festival. The theme is “Return to Childhood”. Therefore, the various activities on offer will bring back memories and take you on a journey through time. Eric Grooks, co-organizer, says that “The theme of returning to childhood arose quite naturally. When things go wrong, we love hideouts! Especially for the older generation, which lived in complete recklessness in childhood, it is pleasant to remember these moments. In addition, the return to childhood is ubiquitous in the universe of the game.

As always, the Ludinam festival will start with a concert on Friday, May 6 at 20:00 in the Great Kursaal. The first part will be provided by singer and cosplayer Korneline. Recently qualified for the Coupe de France in cosplay, she will also be present throughout the festival and will be part of the jury for the cosplay competition organized on Sunday at the Petit Kursaal.

And for the generation of Club Dorothée, a return to childhood will be guaranteed by a concert by Bernard Mine! Known in particular for being part of the Les Muscles group that accompanied the show and for interpreting many cartoons such as “Bioman”, “Les Chevaliers du Zodiaques” and “le Collège fou fou fou fou”. It is with his metal band that Bernard Mine will perform on the eve of his national tour. He will also attend Saturday’s Tele 90s conference and offer a photo and autograph session at the Grammont space. He will also take part in an improvisation marathon on Saturday evening at the Petit Kursaal.

French actress and artistic director specializing in dubbing, Brigitte Lecordier will be present all weekend at Ludinam. The one who interpreted, among other things, the voice of the child of Son Goku, Oui-Oui and Babar, like Bernard Mine, will take part in the conference “Television of the 90s”, as well as in a marathon of improvisation. It will also offer meetups and autograph sessions that risk bringing more than one person back to childhood.

Ludinam, like the game, represents the values ​​of sharing and inclusion. This festival is open and accessible to everyone. For young and old, game lovers and beginners. The goal of this festival is to bring the game to everyone. And this also affects the price: you just need to buy a bracelet for 5 euros in order to then take part in the activities offered during the weekend. Only for the opening concert you need to purchase a ticket for 25 euros, including a bracelet.

Collectif LUdique Bisontin, organized by Ludinam, is an associative structure that brings together associations, companies and individuals. Their actions, which have a significant impact on Besançon, are centered around all the universes of the world of games, pop culture and imagination and are aimed at establishing connections with the rest of the world, art, science, health, etc.

After three “regular” releases and a lighter release in 2021, the three co-hosts, Eric Grew, Arnaud Mougin and Cyril Poirier, express their joy at doing it again. They also point out the importance of volunteers for the smooth running of the festival. The 2019 edition was attended by 14,000 people! Thus, 150 to 200 volunteers are mobilized every day. Many partners, including associations, are also very important to offer such a variety of entertainment. Ludinam is once again the story of how we share…