3 questions to Advance Beauty about anti-aging technologies

Tell us about Advance Beauty devices and know-how

Advance Beauty, aka AB, is a professional guide to high-tech anti-aging. Indeed, for more than 20 years we have been striving to offer beauty professionals real know-how, from design to production in France. AB creates smart beauty devices under the auspices of Technoceutics, a technology that is useful for you, for beautiful and younger skin with results that persist over time. Thanks to our fame, we are the French standard in professional cosmetic equipment, because we guarantee quality, performance, safety and follow-up activities that are attractive to the whole world.

An expert in high-tech anti-aging, we have combined our knowledge in virtuoso treatment for beautiful, younger and longer skin. Thanks to an unprecedented combination of technologies that combine consistent ultrasound®, luminology®, intelligent radio frequencies and AB dermocosmetics, our professional devices provide safe, painless and effective treatment. In addition, Advance Beauty is evolving with its new creation, the Home Care product line, to take advantage of anti-aging treatments at home. This line consists of Lift’in 3D, which combines a unique combination of 3 technologies: ultrasound, Luminology® and microcurrent, as well as 3D-spatula Peel’in 3D using ultrasonic technology for deep and ultra-delicate skin cleansing for all skin types. , from the most sensitive to the thickest.

Among the proposed devices is the Advance lift: present us this novelty

Thanks to the Advance Lift, nominated in the Thalasso & Spa category of the Marie-France du Bietre Grand Prix, a new era in the fight against aging is beginning. Indeed, Advance Lift from Advance Beauty is a completely new high-tech French device designed to combat the signs of aging, designed for beauty professionals. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, Advance Lift uses a mild peel for deep cleansing, radiofrequency for skin shaping and firming, consistent ultrasound® to restore the skin’s natural process, and luminology® to enhance results. Very complete, it offers advanced, sophisticated and targeted protocols with real-time performance. The results can be seen from the first session.

Thanks to these innovative processes, Advance Lift procedures are non-invasive and painless, gentle and effective. At your beauty expert, use personalized, unique and exceptional procedures just for you: remove wrinkles, correct imperfections, tighten, smooth, beautify, tone and moisturize your skin.

What are the benefits and features of the services offered by Advance Lift?

Advance Lift is a device designed to prevent aging and more. It offers very sophisticated and focused protocols with a unique combination of non-invasive and completely painless and even patented high technology, so unique in the world. It is combined with dermocosmetics, mild peels, sequential ultrasound®, intelligent radio frequency and luminology®, which act to quickly penetrate the active ingredients and stimulate young facial cells to best respond to any problem. on the face you can see: permanent smoothing of wrinkles (first and mature), elimination of imperfections, detection of facial radiance, color, strengthening, smoothing, moisturizing, detoxifying … Many benefits of this device, ie the infinity of protocols that can be found in your institutes or beauty center.

During a single treatment or as a treatment, get visible results after the first session, without pain and relaxation, for effects that really last for a long time. On social media, we present the results achieved by our clients, and this is our best confirmation of success.



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