3 music games to celebrate the Music Festival despite the storms

On June 21, we celebrate summer, and, above all, the Music Festival! Take the opportunity to discover new mobile games based on rhythm, notes and the biggest games of recent years at SFR Games without limits. What to take care of, despite the rain, which dangerously threatens the event.

The weather forecast for this Tuesday, June 21, 2022 is unfavorable. It is difficult to celebrate the long-awaited Festival of Music in the middle of a storm, under torrential and oppressive rain. And if the predictions are true, the annual event risks flooding (very) large parts of France.

Two solutions: cancel everything or refuse to spend the evening soaked from head to toe and / or indoors, even when summer creeps timidly into France. Not convinced? Well, okay, we have a third solution for you: enjoy this selection of three music games on your smartphone with unlimited SFR games! It already seems nicer.

Rock Hero 2: for lovers of muscle riffs

You probably remember guitar hero and his plastic guitar, with which many musicians revisited history’s greatest hits on mid-2000s home consoles. Now you can play its counterpart on mobile devices: Rock Hero 2. From your smartphone, you control the scene and must follow the music letter by letter by pressing the colored buttons to move to the end of the piece.

Rock Hero 2 brings everything to SFR Games Unlimited.
Rock Hero 2 brings everything to SFR Games Unlimited. © Upfife

The program features muscular riffs, frenzied solos and powerful beats on a completely crazy drum kit that never seems to want to stop! Rock Hero 2 offers different levels of difficulty so you can progress at your own pace before becoming a true master of rock and roll, working your way through metal, disco and even R&B.

Note Fighter: Minimalistic Music Festival

The atmosphere that breaks the house is not exactly your thing? Do you prefer a calm and peaceful music festival where the beauty and simplicity of musical notes take pride of place? SFR Unlimited Games has everything you need: Rating Fighter. A minimalist game that sounds like a playful music theory lesson.

In a steampunk atmosphere Rating Fighter invites you to learn how to read various musical notes and use your new knowledge in exciting tasks. You don’t need to know music theory to get started. Various difficulty levels allow anyone to play and practice. But also and above all to progress while playing in a universe that rhymes with serenity. You don’t have to force a one-hour session to become a professional music reader. Rating Fighter it is above all a fun adventure that you can enjoy in small doses while waiting for the bus or for example while it is raining on the evening of a music festival…

Tiles Hop: for rhythm lovers

Dance until the end of the night at the Fête de la Musique, yes, but there must still be a sense of rhythm. That’s where it comes tile hopA relaxing game with a bright and neon theme, based entirely on your good rhythm control and your ability to make that little white ball jump across the tiles at the right pace.

Jump from tile to tile to the beat of the music with Tiles Hop at SFR Games without limits.
Jump from tile to tile to the beat of the music with Tiles Hop at SFR Games without limits. © Pluggable Digital

The goal of this game, which can be played under any circumstances, is to swipe the bottom of the screen to move the ball according to the rhythm you hear in your headphones. If they are not essential, the experience is vastly improved when the music comes straight to our ears! All on huge pipes. Program: BLACKPINK, Justin Bieber and many artists you will definitely hear at this music festival!

Open Rock Hero 2, Rating Fighter, tile hop and many more games, go to the SFR Games app, available on Android and iOS. How to access it? If you bought an Android smartphone from SFR or Red: the application is already preinstalled there. Otherwise, visit jeux.sfr.fr from your mobile phone.

Sources: SFR Games Unlimited, Upify, Plug In Digital