3 good reasons to buy physical games

With the rise of digital games, here are a few reasons that will convince you that physical games are much better.

This is a beginning that has been driving the gaming community for several years now. With the digitization of all our leisure activities and the advent of the latest generation of consoles, games are also increasingly moving to a digital format, sometimes more practical than a physical format. If this is reflected in rising sales numbers, and the fact that major manufacturers have had to adapt to this new clientele by offering exclusively digital consoles, there are still many die-hard players who refuse to make a name for themselves.” And they are right!

Many tend to forget this, but physical video games have a lot of advantages, which we think means they won’t go out of circulation anytime soon. So, here are 3 reasons why physical games are better than any digital ones..

Physical play is so beneficial!

This is a weighty argument that is put forward in every discussion on this topic. Not only do physical video games cost less, they can also save you money. Everything is explained due to competition in the market physical games not found in online console stores.

Because multiple resellers want to sell you the same product, they are more likely to run promotions and lower the price of the game overall, as well as offer you particularly attractive pre-order offers, among other things. This helps them stand out from other retailers, but in the end, the player wins!

In addition, they are increasingly moving into the second-hand market, whereby you can find popular games at a lower price under the pretext that someone has already played them before you, even with large productions, within months of their release. release. . It’s a marketplace that also lets you kill two birds with one stone, as you can clear your shelves of games you don’t want to keep, while still repurchasing and getting back some of the money you spent buying them.

But the exchange is also carried out in your close circle. It is almost impossible to lend a digital game to friends or, for example, a cousin without compensation. With a physical game, no one has ever had such a problem, and that’s good! This way your little drive has a potentially very full life and allows you to make the most of it!

collector’s editions

Obviously, there is a public that will never be able to do without games in a physical format: these are collectors. If you can now access all-digital Deluxe Editions and Season Passes on consoles (with cosmetic items to use in-game, for example), nothing beats the happiness of having more than a game box, figurine, notepad. or even clothes in the colors of his favorite franchise.

Of course, aside from great collectors, this is never about all the games you buy, just a few licenses that will mark your career as a gamer. In spite of everything, it must be said that these editions, even if well preserved, serve as a guarantee, and this is directly related to our third argument.

Preservation of cultural property

We have known for several years that video games are an integral part of the world’s cultural heritage. That is why more and more associations specialize in preserving retro games, which are real treasures sold at exorbitant prices. But in order to preserve them, they must exist materially.

As experience has shown, digital games do not last long. And you don’t have to go so far as to present a general and final failure of all electronic devices to understand this. Each year, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are slowly deactivating the services associated with the online stores of their oldest consoles, and little by little we find that we no longer have access to content at all, not only what we paid for, but what we great cultural value.

Today, this is even more relevant than 20 years ago, when games are no longer enough on their own and they constantly need updates to work. At the very least, keeping a physical copy ensures that you always have a base copy of your game and can go back to it 50 years later if you want.