13 Horror and Survival Horror Games That Marked the Event

Was like a wind of terror that blew over Summer Games Festival. If you watched the various conferences at the beginning of June, you won’t miss them: survival horror is getting bigger and bigger, and fans of the genre will have plenty to do in the coming months. To break down the various announcements a bit, we’ve grouped together the major upcoming horror games that were revealed during the Summer Game Fest.

Here are 13 must-see survival horror movies in 2022 and beyond.. Please note that we have included all horror-oriented games in this term in order to better group them.

Callisto Protocol

The new king of space survival horror, maybe this is it. Developer: Series Dad Glen Schofield dead space, Callisto Protocol made a strong impression during its appearance at Summer Game Fest, with an exciting first trailer and a gameplay sequence that let us see that we were undeniably ahead dead space 4 which never existed.

Considering every aspect of the Electronic Arts series, with a hero stranded in space, strange creatures that can be carved, blood staging at will, and even a life bar displayed on the character’s back, there’s no question that the game is a spiritual sequel. dead space which should grab the attention of all survival horror fans. And on top of that, you won’t have to wait long as it’s one of the few games released this year.


Procedure 2

  • Date : Unknown
  • Platforms : PC – Xbox One – Xbox series

Survival-horror in space, there were plenty of them during Summer Game Fest, but if there’s one game we’ve been waiting for more, it’s Routine. Announced almost a decade ago, the horror game surprised us with a very scary new trailer.

Imagining itself as a first-person shooter set on an abandoned moon base. Routine promises to make us jump with his terrifying robots that roam the place and make short work of our character. Armed only with his astronaut aid tool, our protagonist must above all avoid these threats and hide in order to hope to survive.

Fort Solis

strong solis

  • Date : Unknown
  • Platforms : PC

The third space survival horror presented to Geoff Keighley (yes, it’s starting to do a lot), it was Fort Solis. A halo of exceptional vocal line-up featuring Troy Baker (Last of us) and Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2), the title is a space adventure in which we will also go to explore an abandoned station, not so abandoned, but this time on Mars.

From the little we could see Fort Solis focuses primarily on storytelling rather than action. Therefore, we will have a choice that will lead to several possible scenarios, and we will have to choose where to go among the nine structures that make up the base.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake 2 3

  • Date : March 24, 2023
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

Hearing rumors about him, the announcement of Resident Evil 4 Remake surprised few, but still excited all fans of this iconic episode. This re-imagining of the fourth opus presented its first images during the State of Play and then told us more during the Capcom Showcase.

Of course, we didn’t learn much about him, but we see that the work on the remake is as pleasant as on Resident Evil 2 as well as 3, and the promise of updated gameplay also makes us curious. We are now waiting to see what changes will be made to the story, and until then we will watch its first trailer in the cycle.

Layers of fears

Layers of fears 2 4

  • Date : early 2023
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

We were waiting for them silent Hillpotentially on Remake of Silent Hill 2but Bloober Team returns to their first love with Layers of fears. A title that was leaked a few days before its announcement and that promises us a return to the origins of the saga, with an episode very focused on psychological fear and an unpublished story to be discovered.

This is one of the first games of its kind to use Unreal Engine 5 to give us even more cold sweats and further immerse us in this unsettling universe that will play on the visceral side of certain events to scare us.

Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens Dark Descent Key Art 5

  • Date : 2023
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

Well, we admit, we are a little cunning, Aliens: Dark Descent strictly speaking it’s not a survival horror, but we had to talk about it as it will also be honored at Summer Game Fest and that it’s adapting one of the greatest horror licenses of all time.

So the title is more of a real-time strategy game with an isometric view in which we’ll have to manage our teammates, giving them orders, choosing their class and preventing them from dying, because every death is final. We will also have to manage our base in order to find new technologies and new skills for our soldiers so as not to serve as food for xenomorphs.


sick 6

  • Date : Unknown
  • Platforms : PC

Probably the bloodiest and most disgusting game on this list, SICK came to close out the Future Games Show presentation with a trailer that was enough to make your stomach churn and doesn’t hesitate to spill over into body horror.

So sensitive souls refrain as Unreal Engine 5 is meant to make things a little more realistic, with a first-person view that doesn’t help and lighting that should make us jump. Without a doubt, SICK not for everyone, but those who want a terribly gory gaming experience will be there.

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle

Advertising cover of Daymare 1994 7

  • Date : Unknown
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

History to stay on resident Evilso much to talk about Daymare 1994: Sandcastle, which is very, but very heavily inspired by the Capcom saga. It’s hard to deny this by looking at some of the gameplay images of the game, which is kind of in TPS and closed environments, with an inventory system and puzzles almost bordering on copycat.

But we’ve seen it since Daylight 1998whose Daymare 1994: Sandcastle is a prequel, the series knows how to pay tribute resident Evil without being just a pale imitation. We hope that this episode will prove it once again.


Screenshot with contempt 8

  • Date : October 21, 2022
  • Platforms : PC – Xbox One – Xbox series

At Microsoft this Contempt which caused a stir. This clearly isn’t the first time we’ve been expecting to talk about a game that’s been repeatedly delayed, but during the Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase, the title finally gave a definitive release date.

Contempt then presented us with some images of his gooey and edge-to-edge universe dreamed up by Hans Rudi Giger, where exploration will be more important than action in the game, even if we are entitled to some kind of alien weapon to protect ourselves. It’s grey, of course, but those looking for a visceral and intimidating experience should definitely take a look, especially since the title will be included in Xbox Game Pass when it’s released.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Key Art 9

  • Date : 2023
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

Based on the film of the same name, Chainsaw massacre In French, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was briefly shown again during the Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase Extended to give us an overview of its release period and target platforms.

The game will then use the concept of a horror game with asymmetric gameplay, with the player impersonating the assassin Leatherface and others who must escape from him. And even if it’s all played by a few people, the title still has to offer its fair share of suspense, with horrific situations and survivors to be as fragile as a branch.


Madison 10 advertising banner logo

  • Date : July 8, 2022
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5 – Xbox One – Xbox Series

MADISONwe have seen it all over the place during these recent conferences. And knowingly the game was supposed to be released in June, and then was moved to the very beginning of July. And to be forgiven for the delay, he did not hesitate to show us much more.

The entire gameplay of the game is based on various shots, which then need to be analyzed in order to move forward. Then we will have to do everything to avoid the machinations of the demon, who forces us to perform one of the most bloody rituals on his behalf, with a result that we imagine is very grim.


Luto game 11

  • Date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC – PS4 – PS5

To see the images he was able to present to us during the Future Games Show, Luto definitely wants to be the heir Fri. Just take a look at the staging of the title and its unhealthy atmosphere to understand that Kojima’s aborted game project gave some ideas to Broken Bird Games.

Then we will have to go through the maze of the house, where we will certainly hesitate before opening each door, and the ghosts are hiding around the corner of the corridor. Nothing surprising for a game that wants to deal with grief, but wants to do so by giving us some nightmares.

Killer Frequency

Killer Frequency 12

  • Date : 2022
  • Platforms : PC (Meta Quest 2)

We’re finishing up some virtual reality thanks to Killer Frequencynew Team 17 game for the Meta Quest 2 headset. Here we will play as a radio DJ who will have to help people survive on the phone, which means that we will have to make choices that will have serious consequences, with several endings.

We can also explore the radio station in the middle of the night to solve a few puzzles and jump in every time the light bulb does its thing, all with 80s music in the background.

It’s enough to give us a few cold sweats to weather this summer’s heat. One thing’s for sure, the survival horror genre promises to be richer than ever over the next few months, with as many indie games as AAA titles aimed only at scaring the hell out of us. . What horror movies do you remember?