13 French games to watch this year

13 French games to watch this year



An open world with an adorable red panda, a soundtrack written by Mister MV, a plethora of talented French-speaking independent developers, Paper Mario-style games or even storytelling games… Here’s our selection of must-see little indie nuggets and more. at AG French Direct.

This Friday, May 6, at 18:00AG French Directhosted by our colleagues from Actu Gaming. A great opportunity for many French-speaking independent developers to present their games for 2022 and 2023. Since we’re not going to name them all below, we suggest you find a complete overview of the ads at official website of the event (where you can even watch the show again if you want). From our side we chose you 13 Indie Games That Caught Our Attention and which are definitely worth a detour.

Ship of Fools: Naval Battle Roguelite

  • Floor : bagel
  • Platforms : PC and consoles
  • Date of issue : 2022
  • Development : Fika Productions
  • Editing : Team17
  • Synopsis : A roguelite-style co-op game in which you play as Fools, the only creatures mad enough to defy the sea. Go to the open sea, prepare your cannons and fight monsters in the rough seas of the Archipelago. Will you be pumped out enough to prevent the Aquapocalypse?

Lakeburg Legacies: Can you create the perfect families?

  • Floor : simulation and life management
  • Platforms : PC and consoles
  • Date of issue : 2023
  • Development : Ishtar Games
  • Editing : Ishtar Games
  • Synopsis : Lakeburg Legacies is a social interaction-based village management sim that aims to create the most efficient families to make your kingdom grow and prosper.

Winter Mirages: A Poetic and Soothing Journey

  • Floor : adventure and puzzle
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue :/ (possible wish list on Steam)
  • Development : Mirari Games
  • Editing : Mirari Games
  • Synopsis : Embark on a poetic journey into the heart of a winter island. Explore beautiful ink landscapes and unravel their soothing puzzles.

Weko The Mask Gatherer: The Gecko RPG

  • Floor : action adventure
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue : end of 2023
  • Development Cast: Simon Da Silva, Robin Haefeli
  • Editing Cast: Simon Da Silva, Robin Haefeli
  • Synopsis : Wéko the Mask Gatherer is an adventure game where you play as Wéko, a mysterious gecko who collects powerful masks in the atmospheric world. You will discover a world full of dark and disturbing secrets.

Aka: Charming open world with a red panda.

  • Floor : adventure, open world
  • Platforms : PC and Nintendo Switch
  • Date of issue : end of 2022
  • Development : Cosmo Gatto
  • Editing : NEOVIZ
  • Synopsis : Find inner peace in this game set in a small open world. Improve the daily life of the island with your plantations, buildings and helping others… however, the demons from the past reappear to remind you of what you want to forget.

Spiral: a story that will help better understand cognitive degeneration

  • Floor : story game
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue : 2023
  • Development : folklore games
  • Editing : folklore games
  • Synopsis : Spiral is a third-person exploratory narrative game with a poetic vision of cognitive degeneration seen from the inside. It tells the story of Bernard, a man who wants to say one last goodbye to the memories that made him who he is today.

Ruggnar: No enemies, but countless traps!

  • Floor : platforms
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue : June 2022
  • Development : Sword and Wands
  • Editing : PID games
  • Synopsis : Ruggnar is a platform game where there are no enemies, but many traps are hidden in the darkness. Help Ruggnar explore the dark places using only your bag and a few candles.

Project Gold: Dark fantasy metroidvania in 2D pixel art.

  • Floor : metroidvania
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue : Still on Kickstarter until May 19th!
  • Development : Dream girl
  • Editing : Dream girl
  • Synopsis : Venture into the madness of Metroidvania and take part in the battle between the deities, where you will have to choose between corrupted gold and purifying light in order to achieve your goals. Please note that the soundtrack was composed by Xavier Dang (Mister MV) and Sarys.

Last Moon: Invigorating RPG

  • Floor : RPG
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue :/
  • Development : Studio Skoll
  • Editing : Studio Skoll
  • Synopsis : The moon is collapsing, vile creatures appear, the world plunges into chaos! Last Moon is an RPG inspired by the mythical RPGs of the 90s! Explore a huge and fascinating world.

Dordogne: the beauty of painting

  • Floor : narrative adventure
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue : 2023
  • Editing : Focus Entertainment
  • Synopsis : Dordogne is a narrative adventure game where you play as Mimi, a 32-year-old girl who explores her recently deceased grandmother’s house and leaves her letters and puzzles to solve. Memories of the little girl she was will help her in her quest.

The Outbound Ghost: cute paper Mario

  • Floor : RPG
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch.
  • Date of issue : 2022
  • Development : Conradical Games
  • Editing : Digerati
  • Synopsis : The Outbound Ghost is an action-adventure RPG where you help ghosts reach the afterlife. Fight the past using elements of your personality. Create badges to get abilities. Explore the city of disturbed ghosts and find out that life can be hard even when you are dead.

Baladins: Amazing Story-Based RPG

  • Floor : RPG
  • Platforms : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch.
  • Date of issue : late 2022, but still on Kickstarter
  • Development : seed by seed
  • Editing : seed by seed
  • Synopsis : Baladins is an online multiplayer game (1 to 4) inspired by role-playing games and board games. It’s easy to learn, great for friends, and looks like an entire campaign in hour-long sessions. As you replay, you can unlock new scenarios, locations, and characters along the way!

Crossroads Co-op

  • Floor : action co-op game
  • Platforms : PC
  • Date of issue :/
  • Development : Studio Piece of Cake
  • Editing : Studio Piece of Cake
  • Synopsis : Crossroads was the last title shown on the AG French Direct show. This is a multiplayer cooperative game in which you have to hunt demons. At the moment there is no more information, but there will be soon.


For a limited time, of course, here’s a selection of the best games currently on sale on the Steam platform. It includes, among others, Story of Season, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Monster Hunter Rise or The Sims 4 (under €5 is a feat!).