10 Video Games That Nearly Ruined Our Education

Video game addiction became real over time social phenomenonwhich mostly affects young people. To the point of becoming the main question studied by science, because these bad consequences affect the behavior of players regardless of their age.

Which the World Health Organization also wanted to highlight during the assembly through significant action. Therefore, the public health agency directly classified gaming disorderWhere video game disorder as if whole diseaseas part of the eleventh revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Problems.

How do I know if I’m addicted to video games?

Let’s start by setting the basics by taking WHO definitionwhich summarizes this disorder as: “a Loss of control gambling, an increased focus on gambling to the extent that it takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and through harassment or Gambling growth despite devastating consequences“.

In 2021, 73% of French people played video games at least occasionally., according to a study conducted in parallel by Médiamétrie and Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (SELL). An eloquent figure that still drops to 58% compared to 52% in 2020 if we look at the case of regular players.

Which, by the way, proves that there is real intensification of practice.

To be clear, the symptoms of video game addiction are:

  • BUT decreased attention and focus
  • Availability sleep problems
  • From difficulties from point of view communication
  • Decreased social ties
  • Weight gain
  • From a sharp drop in school performance

How to get rid of video game addiction?

Many more or less strict rules can be set when someone wants to break out of the vicious circle in which video games plunge us:

  1. Limit console usage by setting maximum screen time
  2. Connect the console in a shared living space, such as a living room.
  3. engage in other activities such as sport or Music for example
  4. Prioritize group gaming sessions
  5. install hygiene impeccable life
  6. Promote IRL Human Relations

When we relativeit is best to deepen his knowledge of video games in order to understand what excites your child, and thereby better understand the causes of this dependence.

Installation parental control is also one of the possible solutions to be implemented. Taking action involves talk to the interested person firstnot to point to it, which would be counterproductive.

Now that the foundations have been laid, it’s time for our top 10 most addictive video gameswhich nearly ended a number of promising high school careers:

Fortnite: Free and Easy to Use Explosive Cocktail

Society fortnite undoubtedly one of the most powerful ever. So it’s hard to miss it battle royale as unique as it is breathtaking, designed by an American studio epic games.

Her competitiveness awakening the lure of profit, the fact that it is cross platform (can be played on computer, smartphone and console), its similarity to virtual paintball or his constant evolution are factors explaining this unwarranted enthusiasm.

Free and available to everyone Fortnite ended up making us all addicts.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition Controllers fnak

Minecraft: Infinite Universe Inspired by Lego

One of the fundamental elements that could explain the all-consuming passion around mine craft certainly originality of the conceptwhich was also triumphantly received by the press.

The peculiarity of its creator Notch is that he developed long term vision for his building game based on imagination and creativity offering constant updates.

Therefore, it is impossible to fall into monotonyfrom the point at which we are completely free to place and break blocks as much as we see fit.

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GTA San Andreas: wander around California without boredom

An open world experience offering almost limitless playability. Here’s how we might sum it up GTA San Andreas In a few words.

To make the game boring, good luck, given the countless tasksminor activities or just an opportunity wander around Los Santos according to your wishes in the skin of CJ.

Many consider him best gta ever, San Andreas is living proof that Rockstar games considers it a matter of honor to create a gameplay that is perfect, complete and stunningly realistic.

League of Legends: number 1 in the world

We are talking about esports juggernaut, whose championships are watched all over the world. Online gambling promoters did not make a mistake by taking the opportunity to install sponsorship for most major competitions.

Model free game proposed by the developer riot game the provision of free access has largely contributed to the exponential increase in the number of players.

From entire communities even saw the light of day, thanks in part to a sense of belonging enhanced by the use of vocabulary specific to League of Legends.

League of Legends Keyboard fnak

World of Warcraft: The RPG That Never Stops Evolving

semi-medieval semi-fantastic creatures present in the world of role-playing games have enchanted millions of gamers. The smooth and thoughtful mechanics of this MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) gave it a dimension universal.

When fighting, doing commercial exchanges, or completing quests in search of objects, the possession of which allows you to increase your defensive, offensive, or cognitive abilities, it is the principle World of Warcraft.

Society Blizzard Entertainment conquered the players with the help of his characters with various abilities that develop in fantasy world of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Chronicle Box E. Leclerc

Clash of Clan: build an indestructible village

A free to play mobile strategy video game released by the developer in 2012. Supercell elevates us to the rank village chief, with the mission of expanding its sphere of influence in battles. Thus, the goal is to use the resources obtained after the attack to gain punching powerboth in attack and defense.

One of the reasons for it attractiveness increase is that the time required to increase the level by clan war increases significantly with the accumulation of experience.

What makes us spend more and more hours on it, especially since the game almost endlesswherein strategic and tactical dimension occupies a prominent position.

Pokémon GO: Become a Trainer with Augmented Reality

The value accepted Pokemon Go beyond understanding. A simple routine walk can quickly turn into a Pokémon hunt. Of course you should activate the geolocation function of your smartphone so that it can be found in space.

Right from that moment Wild Pokémon will appear in close proximity to you., and to catch as many as possible will become your main mission in life. Because yes, by doing so, you will level up and advance in the game, unlocking e.g. GO Battle League.

Addendum pokemon trade assuming you are physically present within 200 meters is also a key factor in this sensational success.

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Candy Crush: Free to play under any circumstances

Primarily, line up little sour candies nothing particularly exciting. Besides candy crush turned into an addiction for many of us, following in the footsteps tetris or columns.

Reaching the maximum score becomes more and more difficult as the difficulty 500 levels proposed increases gradually. The little feature of Candy Crush is that share your results on Facebook and thus compare them with those of his friends.

successive updates The free game, available on mobile devices and tablets, has repeatedly nudged us to go back for a walk just out of curiosity.

Board game Candy Crush Match fnak

PUPG: realism brought to its climax

It’s probably a game that let the battle royal do their stripesespecially since he came at the right time. Games quickly follow one after another, which inevitably creates addiction among gamers. in eternal search Top 1.

Once you are among 100 parachute players on this exquisitely sublimated map, the only goal is survival. The one who is the first to have time to properly equip will get a big lead over the competition, which will benefit him during the first duels on the spawn.

A cloud of deadly gas gradually shrinks the map, forcing players to multiply high intensity sequencesbefore meeting the strongest members.

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Ultimate Team in FIFA: Build Your Dream Team

Ultimate Teambefore being game mode FIFA on which you have broken the most controllers, this is especially the one where you have the opportunity to form completely deceived starting 11.

All the while mixing the best active players in the major leagues with football legends like Zinedine. Zidane, Ronaldo (Brazilian), Pele, Andrea PirloCharles Puyol or Samuel This is about.

On the other hand, the little feature that matters is the system for buying players through FUT cards who made more than one heat up the blue card for buy fifa glasses and thereby gain a certain advantage in the game.