10 things we shouldn’t see in video games anymore!

on Amory Lager (Sadako)

From the moment the first video games appeared until today, the gaming industry has been revolutionized several times. No matter what, there are still things we never want to see again in certain products of any budget, from indie games to AAA blockbusters. Here is a selection of what we would never want to experience in any video game again!

Worst Video Game Parts

Tasteless side quests in open worlds

First, we will mention the boring side quests found in almost all open world video games. In these famous open worlds, from Far Cry to GTA through Horizon and Assassin’s Creed, who really wants to do side quests where you just have to go and get a crappy item from an NPC that you’ve never seen and will never see again. during your adventure? Aside from artificially increasing lifespan, these quests are often useless.

Pay attention to the side investigation quests, where you have to look for clues on the ground. Once, why not. But 12 or 30 times? Seriously ? Stop, we’re not goldfish!

Storytelling on fixed screens

Since CD-Rom media became more democratic in the mid-1990s at the expense of cartridges, which were once damn limited in terms of storage space (except for such a miracle as Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64), the narrative video games have taken a huge leap forward.

But who today can still love scenes of narrative on a stationary screen, where you have to patiently listen to the logorheic characters suffering from verbal incompetence? Often it would be better to show a small cinematic of a few seconds than to have players listen to 5 or 6 minutes of dialogue, right? Cut it down, for God’s sake!

Silent Heroes – Carp Syndrome

Since the mid-1990s when CDs and DVDs came along, almost all of our video game heroes have found their way. Even Mario! Alas, some remain silent today. Some will tell you it’s better for the role-playing aspect and immersion, but games that have spoken characters prove to us that it’s also possible to be all-in without seeing a passive mute line. A separate mention of the Metro series or the future of Starfield, in which we will again embody the carp. SPEAK LOUDER, I CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING!

Lack of French voices

That an independent game doesn’t necessarily have French votes (or just votes) is understandable for obvious budget reasons. And the fact that the blockbuster is not voiced in the language of Moliere, we never understand! For a game that doesn’t prioritize scripting, it’s still not that dramatic, but we’re especially thinking about Rockstar games like GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2, which can be very talkative during game phases. In this case, either you understand the story and crash into a wall or rock, or you drive like a god but don’t get it!

Graphic options “Fidelity” or “Smoothness”

In life, you can either play with a plug and play console or build yourself a crazy PC to try and make all the games in “ULTRA 4K HDR RTX OF DEATH”. If we wanted to take the lead between “Resolution” or “Smoothness” graphics mode, we would buy a PC, right? Optimize your games and offer them YOUR console vision, ladies and gentlemen developers! “Either it’s ugly but smooth, or it’s great but rowing” it goes well for two seconds!

Useless in-app purchases

The category of humankind’s puzzles includes in-app purchases that serve no purpose but still sell. Who really wants to hit 10 bullets to have a bad skin in an FPS where you can’t even see your character? It’s to brag to you in the lobbies or hope people tell you, “Wow, cool man, I want to be like him!” if you manage to do a good deed once a week? We don’t care about your suit, Celestine, we just want to kill you!

CGI trailers

In the early 2000s, many publishers wanted to impress gamers by inventing commercials that would never run in real time on our old toasters. An entire era (hello Watch_Dogs and Killzone 2!) that isn’t 100% over yet, as some still think outright lies can sell a lot of video games.

Lately, we’ll be thinking about the 2021 Xbox Showcase, where Microsoft gave us too much a CGI trailer for games that don’t actually exist as they’re in preparation. Where is the target? To give players a pleasant disappointment after the game goes on sale? As Mr. McKee so aptly put it: “Lying is very bad, look at me!”

Ultra-cheap “Remastered” versions

That emulation is banned for so many reasons is very good for developers and publishers! Why is that ? Because they might sell you a 20 year old game or a compilation for 80 bucks when you could play it in emulation! Even if that means aging the game well and making money, you could also go through the “graphics remake” field like Resident Evil, The Last of Us: Part 1, or Final Fantasy VII: Remake, right? Pay attention, if you don’t remember how beautiful GTA: San Andreas was in 2000, you can see how ugly it got in 2022 on PS5 and Xbox for just €60 a musty trilogy but in HD! Isn’t life wonderful?

The term “Ambitious” in advertising campaigns

“XXX 3” is our most ambitious project ever created by the studio. Is always! Yes, we know that a video game is a long-term project on a pitfall-strewn path that can take a very long time, and your video game that you really want to sell because otherwise your publisher who only thinks you’ll tell you that you’re a piece of shit unable to feed the shareholders and that they won’t fund your next shit.

But if we’re sick of seeing CGI trailers that end up getting pushed back 12 times in 3 years, we’d like to stop hearing that buzzword of late as well. We understand that saying “this project will be less good than our old game” is impossible, but we could just find out what it is about without stopping the hype around 9000 gullible locals who will repeat everywhere that Cyberpunk 2077 is revolutionary the game. . Is your game good? Just show us if it’s true and shut up!

Collector’s editions with code in the box

Well, as for that last item, okay, it doesn’t have much to do with the interior of a video game, but we were so impatient that we decided to put it in this top. Just imagine spending over 200 orbs on a collectible box (like Horizon: Forbidden West), you have your cute action figure, your little fanboy goodies that make you happy, Steelbook games but no Steelbook game? A card on which they give us a one-time code? Seriously ? What is the next step ? We put a Blu-ray burner in the box, did you manage to make your own physical version?

Bonus – low useful accuracy

This article is of course forcing the specifics and aims more to make you smile than to howl about methods that are certainly questionable but should not be generalized. We can actually find interesting FedEx quests in some video games, some players like to not understand anything when playing on VO because “it’s more stylish”, and still others will defend this shitty game for 3 generations anyway, which will throw you up in all holes. We call it “all tastes in nature” and it’s cool. We are not clones!