Nintendo’s plumber is a mascot that no longer needs to be introduced, but being a planetary star also means you carry around a few pots that you wish you could forget about. Little-known and often not very good games, from the days when Nintendo loaned its character to third-party developers. Something to have fun with this pinnacle of forgotten mario games.

Featured Image: Nintendo

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donkey kong hockey

Game&Watch has several pieces that are little known outside of collectors. Such is the case with this two player hockey game in which Mario and Donkey Kong have to compete. Its feature is the presence of two small removable wired controllers that can be stored on the sides of the Game&Watch.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Punchball Mario Bros.

Mario brothers. is an arcade game where you score points by getting rid of turtles. In 1984, Hudson Soft again decided to take on the concept, instead of hitting the turtles from below, here they had to be stunned with a ball. It immediately makes things more challenging, but much more fun. Unfortunately, the game is relatively unknown to players as it can only be officially found on Japanese microcomputers.

Image Credit: HudsonSoft

Accident Brigade ’98

A direct sequel to the Wrecking Crew for the NES, this version essentially uses the same principle. We must destroy the symbols with our hammer to match the colors and thus score points by sending the symbols to our opponent. A very nerve-wracking puzzle game, but which remained exclusive to the Super Famicom because it was released very late and at the end of the machine’s life.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mario and Vario (1993)

A puzzle game a little forgotten and exclusive to the Super Famicom, Mario & Wario is a beautiful game in which we control a fairy who can control blocks and levers to help Mario and his friends move forward. While they are blinded by the seal that Wario placed on their heads. Simple and effective, it remains a forgotten Mario game that truly deserves to be better known. This is one of the few games made for the Super Nintendo mouse.

Image Credit: Nintendo

I’m a Teacher: Super Mario No Sweater

This is more software than a real game that was released on the Famicom Disk for the Famicom. This made it possible to create canvases with characters from Mario, for example, which could be sent to a textile company, which then printed them on a sweater. There is also a Game Boy Color version that connects to a real sewing machine.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Special (1986)

Hudson Soft, best known for Bomberman, has been developing Nintendo games for other machines for a while. So Super Mario Bros. Special is available on the microcomputer in a version containing new enemies from Donkey Kong. Mario can even use a hammer there as a bonus. The big difficulty of the game lies in the fact that there is no vertical scrolling, but happens from table to table. This makes progress much more difficult.

Image Credit: HudsonSoft

Mario teaches typing

As the name suggests, this is software that allows you to learn how to type and write on a computer keyboard. This is done through several modes of mini-games and training. In the MS-DOS version, we hear Mario’s voice for the first time, voiced by an actor named Ronald B. Reuben. In the CD-Rom version he will be replaced by Charles Martinet.

Image Credit: Interplay Productions

Undake30 Same game

Hudson Soft loves puzzles and proves it once again with Undake30 Same Game. A game in which you have to match the same symbols represented by Mario’s head, Yoshi’s eggs or fire flowers. The goal is to completely clear the grid in order to win the game. The game is exclusive to the Super Famicom and has also been released on Satellaview.

Image Credit: HudsonSoft

BS Super Mario USA

Everyone knows the history of Super Mario Bros. 2, which then became Super Mario USA in Japan. However, there is a BS version only available on Satellaview. The game features a graphical enhancement to Super Mario All-Stars for the Super Nintendo and is the sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2. It was originally released in 4 episodes in which we had 50 minutes to find the golden statues of Mario and defeat the wart boss.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario is one such game developed by Phillips for their CD-I. Our plumber must close the doors on each level to stop Bowser’s troops. A puzzle game that is of little interest and that, moreover, is stuck in a rather obnoxious handling. A forgotten game on a console that should be the same, which is not really a game console. It’s to say.

Image credit: Phillips Interactive.