10 best shotguns in video games

Whether it’s a pistol, knife, or crowbar, in the early stages of most FPS games, players are usually content with weak weapons and scarce resources. However, players gain access to a larger arsenal over time, and the shotgun often remains popular in most new games.

Sure, iconic firearms like the BFG or railgun can be more powerful, but there’s no denying that the shotgun is generally just as effective as it is enjoyable. With Loss from 1993 to eternal destiny and on top of that, shotguns have been the cornerstone of FPS games and they are the best of the best.

Lever action rifles (DUSK)

Dust is a modern love letter to classic shooters like earthquake and Loss as well as homages to beloved horror franchises such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambsand devilish death. Graphic and terrifying, it’s also a throwback to a time when “ridiculous jokes” were the main selling point of FPS games.

While lever-action double-barrelled shotguns were initially abandoned in favor of super shotguns, DUST heavy, brutal and as cool as can be with a couple of guns. Given the setting, most gamers will instantly remember Ash Williams’ legendary arrow.

Shotgun (BioShock)

There’s something to be said for Subject Delta’s devastating double barrel in Bioshock 2 or for Booker DeWitt’s powerful, feather-emitting Chinese broom Bioshock Infinitybut the standard shotgun of the first bioshock the title is simply unbeatable. Strong, powerful, and in retrospect, this thing looks like an absolute threat, and woe to any splicer who runs into it.

Compatible with a variety of ammo types and upgrades, it’s a danger to everyone from Spider Splicers to Big Daddies, and the legendary dust that explodes when the player picks it up in Rapture’s Medical Pavilion is one of the game’s highlights.

Sawed-Off Shotgun (Blood)

The game most likely helped inspire DUST, Blood it was the 90s Loss a clone that drew even more on the horror aesthetic of the 1993 cult first-person shooter Id. One of the few games developed on the Build engine, Blood was outrageously ambitious and served as a great starting point for a style of gaming that fell out of favor after 1998. half life.

BloodThe arsenal was one of the most memorable aspects, and the rapid fire shotgun was definitely a key feature. It is arguably the most effective weapon in the game, and its ease of use makes it relatively slow. Loss shotgun to shame.

Blunderbuss (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)

Call of DutyTreyarch’s multiplayer components have always been popular, but in 2012 Treyarch’s zombie mode, which debuted in 2008, call of duty world at warattracted new attention. Zombie Map DLC Crowd of the Dead was billed as one of the best in the series to date, thanks in part to the introduction of the Blundergat, the legendary zombie-killing weapon.

The four-barreled shotgun that can take players through dozens of waves of undead is deadly from the start, but when it’s packaged or upgraded with the Acid Gat Kit, it becomes something truly special.

Portable graviton accelerator (dead space)

Better known as Force Gun, dead spaceGraviton’s portable booster was supposed to be used for mining, but it’s also very good at smashing Necromorphs to pieces.

When Isaac Clarke first gets his hands on what essentially serves as the game’s shotgun, it’s a little underpowered and underpowered. However, once upgraded, it becomes a powerful tool that can cut through twisted undead. While sometimes more accurate weapons are needed to strike limbs, there is often nothing better than unleashing a destructive machine like this.

Battle Rifle (Rage 2)

A kind of open world for 2016 Loss, Rage 2 was a surprise sequel to the oft-forgotten 2011 FPS title. Rage which captivated some players with its heart-rending combat, but baffled others with its cluttered world and near-nonexistent plot.

Despite mixed reception, Rage 2The arsenal was attractive to everyone, and his battle rifle was ruthlessly destructive. Fury 2′The combat system emphasizes speed and style, and there’s nothing cooler than performing an evasive maneuver before double-jumping over an enemy and destroying them in the air.

Hydra (Resident Evil 5)

The perfect representation of exaggerated nonsense resident EvilThe fifth part of the main line, the Hydra, is a triple-barreled sawn-off shotgun that the characters fire with one outstretched arm, which can destroy the limbs of the franchise’s smaller protagonists.

Available for purchase after the game’s more traditional shotgun, the Ithaca M37, is fully upgraded, the Hydra completely destroys zombies. While three barrels would be considered overkill in just about any other franchise, when it comes to resident Evilthey are a frustrating and stubborn undead, no measure is too extreme.

Akimbo Model 1887 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

One of the most infamous unbalanced firearms. Call of Duty story, modern war 2The 1887 model was completely broken when the game was first launched. Although developer Infinity Ward eventually corrected the situation, during the first few months of the game’s life cycle, the Model 1887, despite being classified as a shotgun, had sufficient range to hit clear targets in most multiplayer map locations.

To make matters worse, in dual wielding, these things were completely unstoppable. modern war 2 was perhaps the most chaotic Call of Duty the multiplayer game of all time, and the 1887 model was a perfect reflection of that.

Combat rifle VK-12 (FEAR)

Explicitly taking influence Max Payne duology, and Matrix, FEAR was one of the first seventh generation horror shooters to prioritize heavy weapons and gunplay. Despite impressive weaponry capable of firing disintegrating energy beams or pinning villains against walls, nothing could match the undeniable toughness of the VK-12 battle rifle.

At first it might seem quite ordinary, FEARThe shotgun is ridiculously powerful, and shooting enemies in slow motion is just as effective today as it was when the game debuted in 2005.

Super shotgun (Doom 2)

It may have no influence today due to the visual and sound design of 1994. Conviction 2but the super shotgun has set the weapon standard in modern FPS games. The original shotgun might have been useful, but being a double-barreled blaster with the ability to kill demons, the Super Shotgun is just as effective at the endgame level as it was in some of its first ones.

Huge, slow, and useful, the Super Shotgun makes everything else in Doomboy’s arsenal look like a toy. Even the BFG-9000, a weapon that definitely has more power, is not as cool as Conviction 2Super Shotgun.

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